How to get rid of flat warts on the body?

Flat wart – a small benign neoplasm, slightly protruding above the skin. The growth got its name because of its appearance, they almost merge with the skin and look like a small burn.

Most often, such warts occur in childhood or puberty and are associated with hormonal changes and puberty. Therefore, such formations are also called flat youthful warts. Cases of self-healing are known – formations disappear without outside interference.

The location of these flat growths is the skin of the face, neck, back of the arms and legs. On the soles of the feet and palms, this type of neoplasm does not occur.Flat warts

The formation of flat warts on the body is associated with infection with papillomavirus (HPV), namely its fourteenth, fifteenth and twenty-seventh strain.


In addition to the external cause – HPV infection, the occurrence of warts is influenced by internal causes – a decrease in the body's defenses.

HPV has a large incubation period and can remain “hibernated” for a long time. The activation of the virus contributes to a decrease in immunity after suffering respiratory or exacerbated chronic diseases.

The cause for the formation of growth can be trauma to the skin, for example, as a result of the first inept shaving attempts. Or non-compliance with hygiene standards – contamination of the epithelium, excessive sweating, lack of personal hygiene products.

The development of the human papillomavirus and its external manifestations in the form of flat warts is facilitated by a change in the hormonal background in the adolescent during the puberty period. They are accompanied by profuse sweating, the formation of sebum and pustules. All these factors create a favorable environment for the spread of papillomavirus.

Symptoms of flat warts

Detecting flat warts is easy with a visual inspection. On the smooth skin of arms, legs, face and neck, flat rounded growths grow up to two millimeters in height and on average up to three millimeters in width (there are large warts, the diameter of which can exceed nine millimeters).

The color scheme of flat warts ranges from beige to pinkish brown. Usually they grow in groups. May be accompanied by skin irritation and burning.

Flat juvenile warts do not occur in patients older than forty and do not attack the palms and feet.Several flat warts

Flat Wart Treatment

How to remove flat warts? First, you need a consultation with a dermatologist. He will prescribe therapy taking into account the anamnesis of past diseases, the patient's age and state of his immunity.

When removing flat warts, consider:

  • Location of growths;
  • The size of the affected area of ​​the skin;
  • How old is the patient;
  • The duration of the disease;
  • The presence of pain.

The less time has passed from the moment a wart occurred to a doctor, the easier and faster the treatment. It is much more difficult to get rid of running forms of flat papillomas. Radical removal methods may be required. If therapy was previously conducted, but it did not bring results, this is also taken into account when choosing a treatment.


Despite the large selection of modern methods of treating flat warts, the re-emergence of growths cannot be completely ruled out. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to cure papillomavirus today. Relapse develops in thirty percent of cases.

How to get rid of flat warts forever

Any treatment for warts is a complex event and includes the use of antiviral drugs and removal of neoplasms. One can not do without radical disposal of growths if they are localized in open areas of the skin (face, neck).

Systemic Antiviral Therapy

The use of drugs that have an inhibitory effect on papillomavirus is combined with strengthening of general immunity. This is due to the fact that the activation of HPV contributes to the weakening of the human immune system.

To strengthen immunity it is necessary:

  1. Drink a course of multivitamins ("Hexavit", "Complivit", "Alphabet");
  2. The use of tinctures of medicinal plants (ginseng, echinacea, eleutherococcus);
  3. Reception of immunostimulants ("Immunal");
  4. Strengthening the body – hardening and physical activity.Hexavit

For most teenage patients, these measures are enough to get rid of wart growths. It is impossible to completely defeat HPV, but it goes into an inactive form and may not manifest itself for several years.

Local treatment

How to treat warts effectively? For this, systemic treatment is combined with local. Direct impact on flat warts allows you to cope with them much faster. Creams and ointments with a keratolic effect not only fight against growths, but also contribute to the restoration of the skin.

These include:

  • Salicylic ointment;
  • Interferon gel;
  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • Metronidazole gel;
  • Cream with terbofen.Metronidazole for Warts

These drugs are often prescribed at the same time. For example, softening the growth with the help of oxolinic ointment, and then exposure to it with the help of interferon gel. How to remove flat warts in adolescents? Metronidazole gel is well established. It has an antioxidant and local antiviral effect, and also relieves inflammation. Metronidazole is treated with flat warts twice a day (best in the morning and at bedtime).

The course of therapy is from one to four months, but the first improvements are noticeable after two weeks of using Metronidazole. This pharmacy product is free of fats, therefore, leaves no residue on clothing. Immediately after processing the skin with Metronidazole, you can apply makeup.

How to overcome warts in a radical way

This method of getting rid of skin defects is resorted to when:

  • An increase in the sites of localization of growths;
  • Change the shape, size and shade of the wart;
  • The threat of transformation into cancer education;
  • Bleeding from a wart;
  • Painful sensations;
  • Fuzzy edging or uneven pigmentation;
  • Dislocations in places that come in contact with clothing;
  • Failure of previous treatment.

Modern medicine is armed with several techniques for eliminating unwanted skin tumors.Electrocoagulation

For example:

  • Chemical technique. Aggressive components (acids or alkalis) that are part of pharmacy drugs affect the wart. Leading to necrosis of her tissues. The application of this technique requires accuracy, since scars and scars are often formed;
  • Cryodestructive technique. Freezing the growth with nitrogen cooled to the lowest possible temperature. The wart turns black and disappears after a while. Almost leaves no scars;
  • Coagulation technique. Removal of a neoplasm using a multi-frequency electric current. The procedure is quite painful, so it is carried out under local anesthesia;
  • Laser Wart Removal Technique allows you to get rid of flat warts quickly and painlessly. Non-invasive technique eliminates the risk of secondary infection;
  • Surgical removal of neoplasm. Such an operation is indicated exclusively for large warts deployed in closed areas of the skin.

After elimination of the neoplasm, a small part is plucked from it and sent to a histological analysis. He will make sure of the non-cancerous growth.

How to treat flat warts at home

It is better to treat flat warts in specialized clinics under the supervision of a specialist. But if you still decide to do the procedure for removing the neoplasm yourself, then the best treatment results:

  • "Solcoderm" – the fungicidal effect of the drug is due to aggressive components in its composition;
  • “Kolomak” – has keratolytic properties: it deactivates HPV and disinfects damaged skin;
  • "Cryopharma" – freezes warts at home.

Even if you decide to be treated at home, be sure to consult a dermatologist. This will help to avoid complications from improper therapy.

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