How to cauterize warts?

Warts and other skin neoplasms appear on the body as a result of a decrease in immunity and activation of HPV (human papillomavirus). These growths, in fact, are harmless, since they have no tendency to malignancy, but they significantly spoil the appearance and sometimes interfere with walking (with localization on the foot, between the fingers).

It is not difficult to get rid of the problem, it is enough to cauterize the wart in any way convenient for you – pharmacy drugs, folk remedies or a hardware technique.

Means and methods

Remember – since the wart is of viral origin, after removal, doctors recommend that patients undergo a course of immunostimulating and antiviral therapy.Verrucacid from warts

Cauterization of the wart can be done at home using harsh chemicals. Drugs such as Ferezol, Solkoderm, Cryopharma, Lapis Pencil, Verrukatsid and many others are sold in the pharmacy. Before using cauterizing agents, read the annotation or consult your doctor. Neglecting the rules can cause complications.

Folk remedies will help to get rid of the growth, but know – the removal process is long, sometimes a month of regular use is required to get the result.

Quickly (literally in 1 session) and without consequences, the neoplasm can be removed only in a medical facility. The doctor will offer you the following burning procedures – radio wave or laser destruction, electrocoagulation. As an alternative, cryotherapy can be used – this is freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen.


Do not try to independently remove large neoplasms with the rod, only small warts are subject to home removal.

Pharmacies cauterization of warts

The list of available tools is huge, here are some (most popular) of them.

  1. Ferezol. The substance has a specific aroma, has a necrotizing effect (mummifies the neoplasm). Cauterize warts need to be targeted to avoid injuries to healthy skin. Perform 3-5 local applications with an interval of several minutes. Next is the process of drying and dying. If the wart is dense, localized on the foot, it can be burned 7-10 times, but first it is recommended to steam and remove its upper layer with pumice, then dry the skin thoroughly.
  2. Verrucacid. An oily preparation with necrotizing effect. It is applied similarly to Ferezol.
  3. Solcoderm. This is a cauterization solution equipped with a special applicator. Apply the product on the entire surface of the wart, after which it should change its color, if this did not happen, re-treatment is carried out.
  4. Lapis pencil. Not only burns out the growth, but also has a bactericidal effect. Before use, the drug is soaked. Apply locally, several times a day. Manipulation is continued until the wart disappears completely.
  5. Collomac. Home alternative to cryodestruction. Before use, the skin around the tumor should be lubricated with zinc ointment. Apply the tool twice a day, spotting on the wart. After a few days of regular manipulation, the outgrowth dies.

You can cauterize warts not only with pharmacy drugs, but with self-made means.

How to burn warts at home (folk recipes)

Recommendation – remove the growth by prior agreement with the doctor, because it is sometimes difficult for a simple layman to distinguish a wart from more serious skin neoplasms.

Most often in alternative medicine they use garlic, vinegar, celandine, iodine, onions, essential oils, they act akin to pharmacy drugs – they necrotize, cauterize, and have antiviral activity. However, their longer treatment period is distinguished – from 1 week to a month.Celandine juice

Burning a wart at home can be done in the following ways:

  • Cut the onion into 4 parts, divide it into plates and fill it with vinegar. Let it brew for 3 hours. After that, attach the product to the wart and fix it with a bandage. The manipulation is carried out before bedtime, in the morning the compress is removed;
  • Onions also crushed into gruel are also used, but before it can be applied, the skin around the growth should be sealed with adhesive plaster. Apply a fixing bandage on top, leave overnight;
  • Fresh celandine juice is treated with a growth. Apply gently, avoiding contact with healthy skin. You can also buy a solution of celandine in a pharmacy – after application after 2-3 minutes, the product is washed off with running water;
  • Soak a cotton swab in vinegar, attach it to the growth and fix it. After 3-4 hours, remove the compress;
  • Garlic, soaked for 3 hours in vinegar, cut into wafers and wrapped in a wart. Remove the product after 2 hours;
  • The easiest way is to use iodine, just apply the product over the neoplasm three times a day. The course is approximately 1 week.

Before you burn a wart, weigh the pros and cons yourself. To minimize risks and prevent complications, you can remove the growth in a medical institution, using one of the methods presented below.

Hardware Techniques

If you want to quickly get rid of a boring growth, contact a medical institution. Taking into account the localization, size and depth of the neoplasm, the doctor recommends one of the methods of hardware removal – laser, radio wave destruction, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy.

Using the services of a specialist, you can burn a wart in just 1 session, but remember – all procedures are paid.

  1. Laser application – innovative technology. The non-contact method of exposure prevents infection, while coagulating the blood vessels along with the removal, preventing bleeding. Local anesthesia allows manipulation without pain. The doctor regulates the depth of penetration of the beam independently, which allows you to remove the growth with the root, while not hitting the surrounding healthy tissue. The wart dies away instantly, but complete healing of the wound occurs on the 7-10th day, there are no traces left. The effective method, however, requires financial investment.
  2. Radio wave removal most often performed by the Surgitron apparatus. The neoplasm dies literally in a couple of minutes, while there is no blood loss, pain (anesthesia is not required) and postoperative traces. Contactless exposure eliminates infection. The recovery period is several days. Today it is the most expensive removal method.
  3. Electrocoagulation conducted by high-frequency current, which destroys protein-lipid structures and leads to the death of the growth. Bleeding and infection are excluded. This is a budgetary method, but at the same time quite painful, so anesthesia is indispensable. In addition, scars remain after the procedure, and the recovery period is approximately 2 weeks.
  4. Cryotherapy – here, instead of cauterizing the warts, there is a process of freezing them with liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -190 degrees. A superficial effect is carried out, so only small neoplasms without a root are subject to removal. After the procedure, a blister forms on the skin, which disappears after 2-3 days, and a scab begins to form in its place. Wait until the crust is torn off by yourself, do not peel it off, and then no trace will remain after the intervention. Cryodestruction is the most affordable of all the proposed treatment options.Wart removal


After hardware removal of warts, in order to avoid complications, follow all the instructions of the attending physician for the treatment of wounds and skin care.

Possible consequences of burning warts

Quite often, when self-removing the growth, people make mistakes or simply neglect the annotation to the drug, as a result – a long healing process with subsequent formation of scar tissue. In some cases, there is infection of the wound, suppuration, and then antibiotics can not be dispensed with.

The most common problems when using folk remedies are allergic skin rashes, relapses, noticeable signs after exposure, the formation of burn blisters.

You can minimize the risk of complications by contacting a specialized clinic and removing the growth using the hardware method. Do not experiment with your own health, trust professionals.

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