How to bring out the dogtail at home?

Papillomavirus infection usually occurs unnoticed by humans. The long incubation period of HPV also does not cause problems for the patient. But here the activation of the virus, its introduction into the DNA of epithelial cells, their growth and the appearance on the skin of unpleasant growths called the tongue or plantar wart, causes such moral discomfort that there is a desire to get rid of such a “gift”.

But. Before proceeding with the removal of shipigi or spines, it is worth learning more about this disease, or better, get the advice of a dermatologist.

Shipitsa: concept and symptoms

Of course, professional dermatologists do not use the concept of "shipitsa". This word is popularly called growths on the foot. This is a type of ordinary or vulgar wart. The localization of these neoplasms is the heel, foot pads, the base of the toes.Shipitsa on the leg
Outwardly, the shipitsa is similar to keratinized dry corn. The formation is usually colored yellowish and slightly raised above the surface of the foot. The diameter of the middle tongue is about one and a half centimeters.


Soreness when pressed or walking is a manifestation of hyperkeratosis and is considered a hallmark of the tenon.

Numerous papillae with dark patches of rammed capillaries are just the visible part of the tongue. A characteristic feature of plantar warts is their growth into the dermis, which complicates their removal.

If the growths are not treated, they grow, small daughter formations appear. The plantar wart is characterized by increased contagiousness. Infection usually occurs by contact and household. If a person neglects foot hygiene, wears other people's shoes, socks, uses a common soap, towel, washcloth, there is almost a 100% chance of HPV infection. The risk group also includes the regulars of baths, saunas, swimming pools, gyms. Papillomavirus enters the bloodstream through microtrauma of the skin of the feet, splinters removed in unsanitary conditions without treating the skin with an antiseptic.

Causes of occurrence

The main cause of plantar warts is papillomavirus infection. However, strong immunity does not allow the virus to go into the active phase.

Weaken the body's defenses and lead to the appearance of rashes on the skin of the feet can:

  • Acute respiratory or bacterial disease;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Hormonal restructuring of the body (during puberty, during pregnancy or breastfeeding);
  • Endocrine system diseases;
  • Emotional or physical strain;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Cancer therapy;
  • Long-term use of steroid or antibacterial drugs.

All these factors reduce immunity, and a weakened body is not able to resist the development of the virus.

Withdrawal methods

The treatment of plantar warts is one of the most difficult. A characteristic feature of the course of the disease are frequent relapses of the formation of growths after removal. In a medical clinic, the patient will be asked to withdraw the fennel using methods such as:

  • Cryodestruction – impact on the wart with liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation allows you to burn out the growth using high-frequency electric current;
  • Laser destruction. Under the influence of a laser beam, neoplasm tissues are evaporated layer by layer;
  • Radio wave removal. A non-contact, least traumatic way to quickly remove a skin defect;
  • Surgery. Excision of a wart under local anesthesia with a scalpel. It is used only to remove overgrown "deep" outgrowths.

Despite the fact that in the arsenal of modern doctors there are a sufficient number of methods of disposal, some patients are mistrustful of medical manipulations. They prefer to remove warts at home.

How to bring out the wild dog at home

At the drugstore counters a wide selection of medications are available that can quickly remove the fizz.


The composition of the drug "Argonics" includes a concentrate of silver ions. Before using the product, you need to thoroughly steam the legs, then wipe dry. Gently apply one drop of Argonika fluid directly to the growth, wait until it is absorbed, and then close it with adhesive tape.

To cure the shipitsa, you need to repeat the procedure every day until it completely dries and the growths fall off. Typically, the course of treatment is from three to five procedures.Argonics and Celandine


The effectiveness of the use of "Superchistotel" is associated with the aggressive action of the alkalis that make up its composition: potassium hydroxide and sodium. To get rid of the plantar wart, a small amount of the product should be applied to a cotton swab. Burn the fennel should be pointed, pre-steaming the legs and protecting healthy areas of the skin of the feet with a greasy cream.

Lapis pencil

Moisten the affected area of ​​the foot with water, then carefully so that the product does not get on healthy skin, treat with the product all available outgrowths.

Lapis pencil has both antibacterial and cauterizing effects. The use of the drug causes necrosis of growth tissues with their subsequent rejection.

Treat plantar warts with a pencil in pencil until they disappear completely.


Phenol is an oily liquid with a pungent odor. In contact with the tissues of the neoplasm, the phenol solution causes a chemical burn. Coagulation of proteins occurs, leading to necrosis of growth cells. One application of Ferezol is enough to pull out the tongue.

A similar local cauterizing effect on plantar warts is exerted by the drug Verucacid, Collomac.

Treatment with folk remedies

Treatment at home with the help of traditional medicine recipes is a simple and affordable way to get rid of plantar warts. Such recipes are often passed on in the family from generation to generation. Some of them may seem ridiculous or stupid. But, the most amazing thing is that they work!


To remove the tongue with the help of celandine, you need a tincture or juice of the plant. They can be freely bought at the pharmacy. And in the summer, it is enough just to pick grass and squeeze a couple drops of orange liquid from the stem.

So, steam the legs in a bath of salt for half an hour. The softened top layer is easily removed with a pumice or a stiff brush. Dry the legs thoroughly and proceed to treatment. Apply juice or tincture of celandine directly to the growth, avoiding the product on healthy skin. Repeat the manipulation daily.

The average course of treatment is four weeks. The prerequisite for the effectiveness of the use of celandine is the absence of skipping procedures. Keep in mind that excretion of warts with celandine is a manipulation that is not very pleasant, a strong enough burning sensation can be felt.


The most affordable and cheapest remedy for plantar warts is in your kitchen. This is ordinary table vinegar. There are two recipes for the use of vinegar in the treatment of herpes.

Method one

Add four drops of vinegar to a tablespoon of wheat flour. Knead elastic dough. To avoid getting the product on an undamaged area, stick a patch on it. We put vinegar dough on the tongue, fix it with a bandage or patch.

Change vinegar dough every two to three days. The course of treatment is seven to ten days. A burning sensation indicates the treatment process.

Second way

For this, vinegar is mixed with onions. Peel the onion head, grate with a fine grater, pour vinegar to make a thick slurry. We glue the skin with a band-aid, leaving only the tongue open. We put onion gruel on the wart, fix it with a band-aid, leave it until the morning. To completely get rid of plantar growths, two or three procedures are enough.Chopped onion


Young shoots of nettles are crushed using a meat grinder. The resulting mass is laid out on a sheet of burdock, they wrap a foot in it, fix it with a bandage, put on a woolen sock. You should spend the night with such a compress. In the morning, the softened top layer is easily removed, capturing the roots of the warts.

Potassium permanganate

To get rid of plantar warts, you will need at least four procedures with potassium permanganate. Before the manipulation, the legs are steamed for at least 30 minutes in hot water with the addition of salt and soda. After that, with the help of a razor or pumice, the keratinized layer of the tongue is removed until the sucrose appears. A few potassium permanganate crystals should be put in the formed cavity. Secure with a bactericidal patch. Wear the compress without removing until the patch itself peels off. After removing the patch, the procedure is repeated.


It is necessary to tightly wrap the foot with aluminum foil, put a warm toe on top. Foil should be worn until it crumbles into crumbs. After this, replace the piece of foil with a new one. Enough ten to fourteen days to forget about the doggock.


Meat is a popular ingredient in folk recipes. It will take a small piece of fresh, not frozen meat. They need to grind growths. Used meat is buried. As soon as the meat rots, the tongue will disappear.


A solution of iodine is an excellent tool with cauterizing, bactericidal properties. It can be found in any home medicine cabinet. Just lubricate the growth with iodine several times a day. Treatment should be continued until the neoplasms are completely gone.Lubrication of the tongue with iodine

Potato flowers

Remove the tongue will help tincture of potato flowers. To prepare such a tincture, tightly fill a liter jar with the color of a young potato, pour alcohol or vodka. Leave in a dark cool place for a month.

Then we make a compress on the tongs: a bandage or cotton wool moistened in tincture, apply to the growth, wrap with cling film, put on a sock. Leave the compress until morning. After the third procedure, keratinized skin begins to recede along with the roots of the spine. Three procedures are enough to completely get rid of plantar warts.

Relapse prevention

Preventing the disease is much easier than curing. This medical postulate is known to everyone.

For the prevention of relapse of the shipitz need:

  • Give your feet a rest: go barefoot at home, on the beach;
  • Follow foot hygiene;
  • Use special remedies for excessive sweating;
  • When visiting saunas, baths, pools, always take rubber slates;
  • Always dry your feet after a shower;
  • Do not wear other people's shoes;
  • Do not forget to change the rubber bath mat in time;
  • Try on new shoes in nylon toe.

Compliance with these simple rules will help maintain the beauty and health of your legs.

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