How much does it cost to remove a wart?

Most people, mainly those with a small financial income, consider visiting cosmetology centers an expensive event. Therefore, when getting rid of warts, they prefer to rely on alternative medicine and drugs, the cost of which often exceeds one procedure for removing the neoplasm.

Moreover, the independent use of medicines sometimes does not solve the problem at all and leads to a waste of time and money. So how much does professional removal of warts really cost?

Dermatovenerologic Dispensary

Today, inexpensive growths can be removed from the body in the State Dermatovenerologic Dispensary.Laser Wart Removal

The standard price list of services includes:

  • initial consultation with a dermatologist – from 800r;
  • PCR diagnostics – from 100 to 250 rubles;
  • wart removal (quantity – 1 pc.):
    • cauterization with liquid nitrogen – from 250 to 500 rubles;
    • laser therapy – from 100 to 500 rubles;
    • radio wave destruction – from 200 to 500 rubles;
    • electrocoagulation – from 100 to 600 rubles;
  • selection of the necessary treatment – from 1600r.

The final cost of removing one wart is affected by its size and location. Also, the patient may be offered a number of additional services:

  • infiltration anesthesia (local anesthesia with lidocaine or ultracaine) – from 200 r;
  • general anesthesia – from 4500r;
  • laser resurfacing of the area around the removed plantar wart – from 200r per 1 square centimeter.

All of these procedures are not included in any single package of services, and therefore, each patient of the Department of Internal Affairs can independently exclude an item that is unnecessary to him. In order to significantly save on the removal of warts, experts recommend that you consult a dermatologist in advance at the district polyclinic at the place of residence.

Further, with the results obtained, you can go to the dermatovenerological dispensary and pay only for the process of getting rid of growths. In this case, additional services, laboratory diagnostics and consultation with a local dermatologist can be excluded.


Removal of growths is not included in the compulsory medical insurance, as this is an optional cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is pointless to demand free treatment of papillomas in the internal affairs department.

Clinic of Laser Surgery

A visit to a private laser surgery clinic has several advantages:

  • complete sterility of the instrument;
  • availability of experienced medical staff;
  • consultation of a patient by a qualified dermatologist;
  • accurate removal of warts of different sizes and complexity;
  • the safety of cosmetic surgery for children and pregnant women.

The main distinguishing feature of each private medical institution is the attentive attitude towards the client. This allows you to feel more comfortable and calm before the upcoming operation. In public hospitals, one may encounter rudeness of nurses and doctors, which adversely affects the patient’s confidence and adds to his anxiety.

At the same time, the services of private laser surgery clinics are very different from the prices of high-pressure radiation:

  • consultation with a doctor – from 500r;
  • PCR diagnostics – from 200 r;
  • one laser wart removal session – from 1000r;
  • injection injection anesthesia – from 350 r;
  • general anesthesia – from 5300 rubles.

If in the selected clinic the removal of one wart costs more than 1400 rubles, then most likely the doctor’s consultation is already included in the price of the service, and even if you refuse it, then this will not affect the price of laser destruction.

Often, combining the price of one procedure with the cost of consultation is a little trick of the management of a private clinic, as many clients simply refuse to pay for the work of a dermatologist and prefer to visit a doctor in a district hospital, where he will consult for free. Therefore, it is up to the client to remove the neoplasm in this institution or not.Removal of a wart on the arm

How much does it cost to excise a wart with a scalpel?

The use of surgical procedures is indicated if there is a suspicion of malignancy of the wart growth or when the papilloma increases by more than 3 cm.The procedure is performed only under local or general anesthesia, since in this case the neoplasm is excised with a scalpel.

Basically, excision of the growth is carried out in the surgical department of the city state hospital, and the patient is sent there by the attending physician from the district clinic. Surgical intervention is prescribed only after obtaining the results of laboratory diagnostics and therefore you can not worry about the additional costs.

The cost of surgical excision of a wart includes:

  • local anesthesia or general anesthesia;
  • dressing material (cotton wool, bandages, adhesive tape);
  • interchangeable blade for scalpel;
  • suture thread;
  • solution for treating wounds (alcohol, peroxide or chlorhexidine).

The final amount of the entire procedure is 1200-1600 rubles. Such a low cost is due to the fact that in this case, the work of medical staff does not require payment.

However, despite the low cost of surgical excision of growths, it is impossible to use the procedure at will. For its implementation, it is necessary to refer a doctor.

Beauty Salons

Removal of wart growths in small beauty salons is a dubious event, since there the client will not be offered either a doctor's consultation or laboratory diagnostics. In addition, people with a medical education rarely work in such institutions, which indicates the possibility of poor-quality removal of papillomas.

Most beauty salons do not have sufficient professional equipment to carry out procedures to get rid of warts. This feature suggests that the patient can either damage the skin, or remove the growth by half. In addition, it is after visiting beauty salons that people are often diagnosed with the development of cancerous tumors, so experts recommend avoiding such places.

The cost of removing warts in a beauty salon practically does not differ from the prices of large private clinics, so it is better not to risk your health and trust yourself to professionals.

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