How and how can you burn a condyloma?

To eliminate skin growths provoked by a viral infection, the cauterization procedure is used by various methods. Cauterization of genital warts is carried out using special solutions with a chemical composition, hardware techniques, as well as using some folk remedies. The choice of the method for removing genital warts depends on the condition of the patient, on the area of ​​localization of skin growths and the degree of their neglect. The decision to choose the destruction for each particular patient should be made by the attending physician.

Methods of cauterization of genital warts

Condylomas cause a lot of unpleasant sensations to a person, especially if they appear in the genital area or on the mucous membranes in the oral cavity. In most cases with this disease, skin growths are recommended to be removed or cauterized. For this, special techniques are used, involving the complete burning of genital warts. There are several modern methods that deliver a minimum of pain and the least trauma to the skin and mucous membranes. They are divided into hardware and medication. To eliminate recently occurring single warts, you can independently use the means from traditional medicine at home, but be careful not to cause complications.Diagnosis of genital warts

Hardware cauterization

Modern medicine offers several effective methods for cauterizing genital warts:

  1. Electrocoagulation involves the removal of growths using electric current. A crust forms on the treated area, which disappears after 7-8 days. The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it is very painful and you can not do without anesthesia.
  2. A more modern method is laser therapy with a short recovery period. The area affected by condylomas is thoroughly disinfected, then a local anesthetic is used. After 5 minutes, the laser exposure procedure itself is carried out, after which a small burn remains. The negative side of this method is the scars that remain after such treatment, so do not laser burn condylomas on the face and other parts of the body that are not covered by clothing.
  3. Radio wave exposure to warts with an apparatus called Surgitron. To date, this is the most popular procedure for removing genital warts, since it is effective, as well as the lack of influence on healthy tissues, only a pathological formation is removed. In addition, the patient does not feel pain during surgery, and there are no scars or scars on the skin.

You can also burn condyloma with liquid nitrogen or cryodestruction. Under the influence of this substance, the growth simply dies and disappears, and the procedure itself lasts several minutes. But this method has a significant drawback, which consists in a long recovery period. Healing can last several months, up to six months.The process of removing genital warts


Cauterization of neoplasms by the above methods can only be carried out by the attending physician in a hospital setting.

Solutions for cauterizing growths

To get rid of genital warts, you can also use special drugs in the form of solutions for local application:

  • Solkovagin;
  • Solcoderm;
  • Ferezol;
  • Condylinum;
  • Superchistel;
  • Verrucacid;
  • Trichloroacetic acid;
  • Podophylline;
  • Cryopharma and others

Solkovagin is usually used to cauterize genital warts, and Solcoderm is used to eliminate growths on the skin. It is very important to apply drugs locally, carefully protecting healthy areas of the epidermis. In case of accidental contact with chemical solutions on the skin, burns are often formed. For this reason, it is better to trust the procedures with these medicines to an experienced doctor.

other methods

There are several ways to burn warts, which have long established themselves as effective and safe for health. Compared to medication and surgery, these drugs require a lot of effort and time. But in the absence of neglect of condylomatosis, their use is advisable.

For home treatment, the following remedies are used:

  • Garlic;
  • Celandine juice;
  • Tea tree oil;
  • Iodine;
  • Onion;
  • Alcohol;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;

Hydrogen peroxide

  • Vinegar;
  • Zelenka;
  • Propolis.

Under the influence of these components, condylomas gradually die and disappear. But usually you have to wait for positive results for a long time, so you need to be patient and do not stop treatment.

Recommendations after cauterization

The duration of the recovery period directly depends on the methodology used to remove neoplasms, on their location and size. But in any case, some rules must be observed to prevent infection of the wounds or relapse of the disease.

The greatest difficulties with rehabilitation arise after the removal of genital warts in the vagina or on the cervix, as well as in the rectum. This was noted by a large number of women who underwent cauterization of growths in these areas. During the entire treatment and recovery period, sexual relations are contraindicated. A woman should carefully monitor the hygiene of the genitals, treat them with antiseptic agents, for example, chamomile broth.

After surgery, the wounds can itch, but you can not scratch them in any case, since you can bring the infection. To eliminate this symptom, it is advisable to use a sedative and anti-inflammatory agent.

After cauterization of genital warts in the mouth, it is necessary to treat the wounds with an antiseptic, and rinse. You can’t eat hot or cold food, the food should be at the optimum temperature so that there is no irritating effect on the damaged mucous membrane.

Why condylomas need to be removed

Many patients diagnosed with condylomatosis are wondering if it is possible to cauterize neoplasms resulting from the disease. The exact answer can only be given by a doctor who monitors this patient. But in most cases, such procedures are recommended, especially in the following situations:

  • Localization of genital warts in the vagina and on the external genital organs of a pregnant woman, since there is a risk of infection of the baby during childbirth;
  • Painful sensations during bowel movements and urination, if the warts are located in the urethra and anus;
  • Difficulty breathing with the appearance of growths in the throat;
  • Location of genital warts in the place where they are constantly exposed to mechanical damage, for example, in the oral cavity due to eating;
  • A papilloma virus of high oncogenic activity was detected in the body, which means that there is a risk of malignancy of neoplasms.

Genital warts on the penis

Warts must be subjected to a removal procedure, if there are a lot of them, and they continue to appear. In addition to cauterization, antiviral therapy is necessary to get rid of the root cause of the disease.

Is it possible to get rid of warts without cauterization

If for some reason cauterization of genital warts is impossible, then you need to try to get rid of them in other ways. First of all, you need to start taking antiviral drugs. After all, the disease is the result of the activity of a viral infection.


It is impossible to completely recover from the human papillomavirus, but to suppress its activity is quite realistic. To do this, you must adhere to the recommendations from the doctor regarding lifestyle and health.

Medical antiviral drugs are available in the form of tablets, injectable solutions, ointments and creams (Viferon, Acyclovir, Panavir, Aldara, etc.).

Strengthening the immune system is no less significant, because it is possible to get condylomatosis only with weakened immunity. It is necessary to completely reconsider your lifestyle, stop taking alcohol and stop smoking, because these bad habits adversely affect the whole body, contribute to a decrease in its protective forces. It is recommended to take vitamin complexes, eat the right and wholesome foods, go in for sports, and often visit the fresh air.

With a strong weakening of the body, immunostimulating medications are prescribed, such as Likopid, Isoprinosine.

It is important to take the treatment on time and bring it to the end so that the disease does not return.

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