Genital papillomas. Reasons for their appearance and methods of removal

There are quite a few infections and viruses that are sexually transmitted. One of these diseases is the human papillomavirus and it manifests itself in the body in various ways. Depending on what strain of the virus the disease is caused on and on what part of the body the growth appears, it can be called differently.

Pointed papilloma is a neoplasm that is caused by a 6, 11, 13, 16 or 18 human papillomavirus strain. Often, such growths are formed in the genital area and the anus. What are these formations and how to deal with them? This will go further.

Characterization of genital papillomas

Growths of this type, as mentioned above, are often formed in the genital area, as well as near and in the anus. Such a papilloma, or as it is called – condyloma, due to its specific location, causes a lot of inconvenience, and especially for women. The fact is that the female body is much worse than the male one, it is infected with this strain of the virus, and there are cases when the growths degenerate into malignant formations.Genital papillomas on the penis

Such a pointed outgrowth is characterized by a special shape – it is an acute neoplasm bulging above the surface of the skin, up to 5 mm high (sometimes such papillomas are much larger), which can be either in a single copy (which happens extremely rarely) or as part of a whole group of growths. The incubation period of the virus of such a strain is up to a year, and only then the infected person can discover unpleasant “surprises”. Since the cause of the appearance of papillomas is HPV, then the disease must be combated accordingly.

Genital papillomas are removed in almost any case, and the virus itself is treated through an integrated approach using antiviral drugs. Sometimes an ointment may be prescribed to treat the affected areas, but this is a rarity, because doctors are more inclined to an operative method of removing such growths.


It is impossible to name any specific symptom that indicates the presence of this kind of papillomas, only a specialist should deal with their determination. Nevertheless, it is possible to point out some symptoms, as well as visual manifestations of the disease, which can prompt the patient about the need to visit a doctor and conduct full treatment.

The main symptoms of the disease include:

  • A man can detect neoplasms on the foreskin or in the anus that resemble cauliflower in color and form factor. In women, such papillomas are localized on the labia, in the anus, in the vagina, urethra and even on the cervix. It is precisely such a feature of them that makes growths more dangerous in women, and not in men;
  • The patient may feel that a foreign object is in the affected area;
  • Pain and even discharge with blood;
  • Bad smell from places where genital papillomas are localized;
  • Itching and burning sensations.

It is safe to say that genital papillomas in women are a very serious problem, although men, having discovered them on the genitals or in the anus, are also required to consult a doctor. This may be a proctologist, and in the case of women, growths are often found in the gynecologist.Genital Neoplasms

Diagnosis of the disease

Before removing the growth and performing other procedures for the treatment of HPV, doctors conduct a series of studies.

Their list is as follows:

  • Visual inspection;
  • Biopsy study
  • Colposcopy;
  • Oncocytology;
  • Test for determining the DNA of the virus;
  • The study of the state of the immune system.

By fulfilling these conditions, you can begin treatment.


Under no circumstances, having discovered genital papillomas, you should not self-medicate, since the virus strains that cause this disease are prone to degeneration of growths into malignant formations.

Treatment methods

We will talk about the home treatment method last, as this is not the best choice in this case. A full treatment of genital papillomas should consist of three stages:

  • Removal of growths one of the surgical methods;
  • Treatment to prevent relapse;
  • Further virological control.

The whole problem is that this type of growths, caused by a certain strain of the virus, is very prone to relapse in the future, therefore, monitoring the patient should be carried out after the operation with treatment. It is because of this that you should not self-medicate.

How to remove genital papillomas in the clinic

There are several ways that will make it possible to get rid of papillomas, but only if you combine them with drug therapy. Priority among specialists is the radio wave method, as well as the laser, since they make it possible to most accurately and carefully remove growths. Moreover, reviews of these methods in patients are almost always good. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to other options:

  • Diathermocoagulation (electrocoagulation) is carried out by acting on the nozzle of the device with a current, which leads to its heating. Growth cells are destroyed by heat;
  • Cryodestruction. In this case, liquid nitrogen is used to completely destroy the cells of formation;
  • Radio wave knife – removal of genital papillomas, as mentioned above, in this way is considered very effective;
  • Laser therapy. Using a laser, the doctor burns out the tumor.


The removed growth will not be a complete victory over the disease, then, after the operation, it is necessary to take antiviral and immunomodulating agents, as well as change your diet and lifestyle. If, nevertheless, the patient decides to use alternative methods, which should not be done, like a mini without a doctor’s examination, then only the most effective means can help in this situation.

Traditional medicine against papillomas

A folk approach to the treatment of such papillomas is to use the following recipes:

  • Iodine. Alcohol tincture of iodine, used for daily lubrication of the growth, until it dries;
  • Celandine. Using fresh celandine juice, you can treat genital papillomas at home, lubricating them every day. But this method is good if the formations are small;
  • Rubbing the growth with a fresh slice of apple (up to 6 times a day);
  • Onion juice. It is applied only to the papilloma, procedures are performed daily;
  • The use of garlic. You can use its juice or rub growths with thin slices of garlic.


Any of the above methods can bring pain, cause relapse of the disease, as well as damage the surface of the skin of the genital organs and anal opening.

It is worth remembering that self-medication in this case simply cannot be allowed. No matter how the methods of home treatment are advertised, this type of papilloma should not be treated independently, this should be addressed by a specialist and only. With the right approach and timely access to a doctor, you will be able to quickly and permanently get rid of this problem. Maintaining immunity at a high level, you will not have to face such growths in the future.

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