gel from the fungus. The price in the pharmacy, reviews, instructions for use

Fungus is the most common disease that is difficult to get rid of. Difficulties in curing pathogenic microflora are associated with the fact that it quickly adapts to the environment, is able to develop resistance (resistance) to antimycotic drugs and penetrates deep into the tissue. However, to cope with it once and for all is quite real, and the normal Normalidid gel will help in this.

What is Normalidon?

Normalalidone is a foot skin care product with a pronounced antifungal property, developed by the Russian cosmetic company Aven. Available in 50 ml plastic bottles equipped with a dispensing cap, which allows you to economically use the gel.Gel Normalidon

It consists of 5 active components:

  • Dacreodes essential oil (African pear). The plant is a source of triglycerides, amino acids and vitamins. Penetrating into the structure of the skin, its extract starts the work of the local immune system, moisturizes tissues, fights against cracks and eliminates the inflammatory process;
  • Climbazole. Antifungal substance that is the basis of many antimycotic drugs. It fights bacteria, various types of pathogenic microflora, prophylactic fungal infections and improves the resistance of the epidermis to microbes;
  • Farnesol. An auxiliary ingredient that enhances the effect of Climbazole. Gives legs a pleasant aroma of lily of the valley, which persists for a day from the moment of using the gel. In parallel with this, farnesol improves the work of sweat glands, eliminates itching and peeling;
  • Silver nitrate. Another active ingredient with an antifungal effect. It has a bactericidal, antimicrobial and regenerative property. Helps to remove cracks in the heels, accelerate wound healing and restoration of the skin;
  • Hood of Japanese Stifnolobia. It contains a lot of alkaloids and flavonoids that inhibit the development of mycosis and secondary bacterial infections. Together with silver nitrate and dacreodes essential oil, it provides quick healing of wounds, cracks and sores. It is an integral ingredient in Tibetan cosmetics.

Pros of using Normalalidone in the treatment of foot fungus

Long-term studies of the gel have confirmed its high effectiveness in the treatment of mycosis at the initial and middle stages of development. The first positive changes in the condition of the skin and nails affected by the fungus are noted already on the 3rd day of use of the drug.Fungal normalidone

Other benefits include the following:

  • safe and natural composition;
  • acceptable price;
  • can be used in the complex treatment of pathogenic microflora as an adjuvant;
  • a small list of contraindications;
  • wide spectrum of action;
  • Does not stain clothes and shoes;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • gives the feet a pleasant, persistent smell;
  • stimulates collagen biosynthesis;
  • strengthens the nail plates, accelerates their growth.


According to statistics published on the site of the company "Aven", Normalalidon helps to get rid of unfrozen fungus in 76% of cases, provided that it is used in accordance with the instructions.

Indications for use

The gel successfully fights with various representatives of pathogens, namely:

  • candidiasis;
  • dermatophytosis;
  • mold, yeast-like mushrooms;
  • gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria;
  • some types of germs and viruses.

It is prescribed primarily for the treatment of onychomycosis, interdigital fungus and infection that affects the entire foot. It is also a prophylactic used after completion of a course of therapy.

Contraindications and side effects

Due to the fact that the gel does not include harmful chemical components, it has no serious contraindications, except for an allergy to the composition. It can be used by both pregnant and lactating mothers, but it is advisable to consult a doctor in advance. Normalalidon is allowed for children from the age of two and only under the supervision of a pediatrician.Child at the pediatrician

In people prone to allergies to plant extracts, silver nitrate, or other constituent agents, when using the gel, the following is noted:

  • redness of the skin;
  • increased itching;
  • discoloration of nails;
  • swelling of the feet;
  • hives;
  • burning.

When these symptoms appear, stop smearing the drug. After its cancellation, side effects should disappear on their own after 4-5 hours. If this does not happen, you should visit a doctor who will prescribe antihistamines.

Instructions for use

Before you start processing the feet with gel, you need to prepare them. For this, a steaming bath is made:

  1. In 2 liters of water, heated to 40-43 degrees, 1 tablespoon of soda or salt is poured. You can add 5-6 drops of any essential oil;
  2. Feet are immersed in a basin with a solution and soared for about 20 minutes;
  3. Then the legs are ground with a pumice stone, rinsed and thoroughly wiped. In the end, you need to trim the nail plates, treat them with a nail file and clean them of the decorative coating.

Next, a small amount of gel is squeezed into the palm of the hand and distributed over the entire surface of the foot. Particular attention is paid to the spaces between the fingers, because many pathogenic spores accumulate there. When the feet and nails are lubricated with the drug, it is required to wait for its absorption. After that you can wear socks or shoes.Use of Normalidone

On average, the treatment of fungus on the legs with Normalidone takes 15-18 days. You can approximate the time of recovery by taking vitamin complexes or antimycotic tablets. If after 20 days there are no changes, then you need to go to a dermatologist and clarify the diagnosis. Perhaps the tissues were affected by pathogens insensitive to the active components of the gel, or the infection is at an advanced stage.

The price in the pharmacy and analogues

In normal pharmacies, you can’t buy Normalidone gel, since it is not a drug. This is a cosmetic product sold exclusively on the manufacturer’s website. There it costs 999 rubles per package.

If for some reason you can’t buy the gel or it seems too expensive, then you can use its substitutes:

  • Stop Asset. Natural gel for nail fungus and skin of the feet. Consists of mummy assil, beaver musk and rock oil. It has the same contraindications, method of application and side effects as Normalalidone. It is made in India and costs about 500 rubles;
  • Fundanol. Drops with antifungal effect. Designed to combat onychomycosis, but can cope with foot fungus. Contain a complex of vitamins, vegetable oils, castor oil and extract from Kalanchoe. A set of the drug (a bottle with a solution and interchangeable fingertips) will cost 500-600 rubles;


Before choosing an analog of Normalidon, you should make sure that there is no allergy to its composition.

  • Hamar Osoth. Real Thai anti-mycotic ointment based on ground bone of cuttlefish, lime, dodder and ginger. A very popular tool in Asian countries, which enjoys exclusively positive reviews. In Russia, the drug is not particularly known, but those who managed to use it note a lasting result and a quick cure for nail and skin fungus. The cost of a jar of ointment is 150 rubles.

Thai ointment

Customer Reviews

Olga, 40 years old.

A month ago, I noticed a fungus between my fingers and decided to search the Internet for a good medicine. I read medical forums and found feedback from one user, which talked about the effectiveness of the Normalidon gel. I was flattered by the large list of advantages of this tool, I ordered and began to be treated. As a result, 1000 rubles were thrown to the wind.

There is absolutely no result. The description of the gel indicates that it not only treats the fungus, but also improves the appearance of the feet, in fact, the skin has not even changed to the touch. Now I know for sure that this is a common divorce. It will be necessary to leave a negative post on the same forum so that others do not make my mistake.

Nikita, 26 years old.

Normalidon was given to me by a work colleague. He tried to cure them with onychomycosis, but nothing came of it. I used it in the complex treatment of fungus on the legs. The result was positive. I don’t know, the roofing felts tablets helped, this gel felts, but I got rid of the disease. Therefore, I can’t say anything bad about him.

Valentine, 38 years old.

Unfortunately, I did not succeed in using Normalidone. The company’s site was under maintenance, I had to buy a similar drug – Stop-Active. It is half cheaper, and the description of the properties is the same. The gel came in 3 days, I have been smearing it for 2 weeks. Symptoms of the fungus partially disappear. The guide to the drug says that a complete cure will come no earlier than 20 days. I will wait and hope for the best.

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