Fungus between the toes. Treatment at home and folk remedies

Interdigital fungal infection is a common skin disease. His treatment lasts a long time, sometimes it takes from 6 months to a year. The main rule of therapy is regularity and timely identification of the problem. A running infection requires the use of potent drugs, and in the early stages, the fungus can be cured at home by folk methods. There are a lot of recipes for the preparation of antimycotic drugs with your own hands, so everyone will find a more suitable one for themselves.

Simple Pharmacy Medicines

Special antimycotics are sometimes very expensive, and they have an impressive list of contraindications. They can be replaced with cheap over-the-counter products:Potassium permanganate in water

  • Potassium permanganate. To prepare the medicine, you need to add a little powder to warm water to get a pinkish solution. The legs are steamed well, then a bandage or cotton wool is moistened in potassium permanganate and placed between the affected fingers. After 15-20 minutes, the limb is rinsed with water. The procedure is carried out daily;
  • Celandine extract. The legs are steamed in water with the addition of soda, then the drug lubricates those areas where the skin is affected by the fungus (twice a day). Wash off the extract after 30 minutes. The course of treatment is up to 4 weeks;
  • Iodine. You need to steam your feet in water, moisten a cotton swab in solution and treat them with the desired area. The duration of therapy is at least 7 days. The procedure is done twice a day or once before bedtime. To enhance the effect, iodine is mixed with 9% vinegar and the above steps are repeated. Also, the first two weeks the skin between the fingers is lubricated with an antiseptic, the next – with vinegar. End the course with Fucorcin for 14 days;
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. It is poured on a cotton swab and applied to the affected areas in the morning and evening. After the procedure, the skin should be wiped with a napkin. To achieve the best result, treatment is carried out for at least 15 days;
  • Ammonia. In a glass of water add 1 tbsp. l means, moisten a piece of the dressing in the liquid, wipe the right places, wrap the foot with a film and put on a sock. It is best to do the manipulations at night, and in the morning the skin is washed with water. The course of treatment – 10 procedures;

Foot in film

  • Propolis Solution. In a melted beekeeping product, a cotton swab is moistened and placed between the fingers. Such a compress is recommended before bedtime. The dry product is diluted with water (1: 2), aged in a water bath for 20 minutes, cooled and added at the rate of 10 ml per liter of water. In the resulting solution, you need to keep your legs for 15 minutes. Pure propolis can be mixed with butter (1: 2). This ointment treats the affected area every day until the fungus recedes;
  • Boric acid. It lubricates only the interdigital space. Before going to bed, the feet soar, then apply the tool and put on socks. The course of treatment is 1-1.5 weeks;
  • Tar. It is necessary to steam the legs, remove the dead skin layer with pumice, dry and apply the product. Birch resin should remain on the skin for 1.5 hours, and then it is removed with a dry cloth, but not washed off for two days. After this time, the procedure is repeated 4 more times;
  • Salicylic ointment 35%. In the morning, lubricate the affected area, put on a plastic bag and socks. The compress is held until evening, and then the product is again applied, and so on for 7 days.

Many of these drugs are in any home medicine cabinet and have a strong antimycotic property. However, you should not give up therapy as soon as the symptoms of the fungus disappear, otherwise the infection will begin to multiply again.


Some drugs cause an allergic reaction, therefore, before using them, it is better to consult a doctor.

Traditional medicine against fungal infections

Proven for centuries, "grandmother's" recipes do not lose their popularity due to its high efficiency, availability and safety. With their help, you can quickly and easily cure the fungus between the toes, on the nails and the entire foot. Not only herbs, but also food are used. Below we will look at popular folk methods for getting rid of the disease, which eliminate both the symptoms and the causes of mycosis.

Vinegar to the rescue

Fungi do not like acidic environments, so regular and apple cider vinegar are often used in the fight against them. Best aid helps in the early stages, when pathogens do not have time to penetrate deep into the epidermis. For treatment, a 9% solution is required.Mixing Vinegar and Sunflower Oil

Effective recipes:

  • Ointment. For its preparation, it is necessary to take vinegar and vegetable oil in equal proportions. The medicine comes out liquid, so it is applied with a cotton pad. Then they put on socks and go to bed. You can also mix vinegar, glycerin, olive oil and dimethyl phthalate in quantities of 1 tbsp. l The resulting ointment is applied with light movements to the skin, then cover the feet with cling film and put on socks. In the morning, you should wash your feet with water with tar soap or an antibacterial shampoo;
  • Lotions. Before the procedure, the skin is steamed well, moistened with cotton wool in vinegar, placed between the fingers and fixed with a film. Lotions should be kept for 5 minutes, then rinse your feet with water. If there are wounds on the skin, lotions are made using carrot juice. The ingredients are mixed in equal amounts (1 tbsp. L). In the resulting solution, dip the cotton and wipe it with the desired area. Carrot juice quickly restores and heals the skin;
  • Acetic and flour mixture. In equal proportions, 70% vinegar essence is mixed with water, then you need to add a little flour to it and form a cake from the mixture. Pieces of the resulting test are applied to the affected area and fixed with a plaster. It is best to do the procedure before bedtime;
  • Bathtubs. A liter of hot water is poured into the bulk container and 3 tablespoons of vinegar are added there. The limbs soar in the solution for about 20 minutes. Then, without wiping their feet, put on socks. After that, it is advisable to go to bed immediately.

Vinegar bath

Apple cider vinegar is also taken orally. In a glass of boiled water pour 1 tbsp. l funds and drink in one gulp.

The healing properties of celandine

The plant is used to treat skin diseases. Its juice kills fungi and disinfects the epidermis. To prepare the bath take half a liter of hot water, add 4 tbsp. l raw, boil for 3 minutes. For half an hour, the legs are steamed in the solution. If you add a little vinegar, you get a tool for compresses, which are applied between the fingers at night. The course of therapy is 20 days.

There is another effective recipe for celandine baths:

  1. It is necessary to take 500 g of dry or fresh celandine and pour a liter of boiling water;
  2. The mixture is insisted for one hour, then diluted with ordinary water in a ratio of 1: 1;
  3. Keep the foot in solution until it cools;
  4. Then do a pedicure.

Affected areas can be lubricated with plant juice. Procedures are repeated daily for 7-14 days in a row.

Soda and salt

Such methods will help relieve discomfort and remove the fungus:

  • 1 tsp is put per liter of water. baking soda and salt in the resulting composition hover feet for 20 minutes. Then you need to remove the dead skin with pumice and go to bed. Sea salt is also used – for 2 l 3 tbsp. l It takes about 7 days to be treated;

Antifungal bath

  • You need to grate a piece of laundry soap, add it to hot water along with half a pack of soda. Legs fall into the solution and hold for 10 minutes. Continue treatment for 14 days;
  • You can use only sea salt – 20 g per liter of water.


The main condition for a quick cure is the continuity of therapy. Also, sparing antimycotics sold in pharmacies can increase the effectiveness of folk remedies.

Onion and garlic

Based on these plants, there are many recipes for medications for interdigital fungus. Consider the most effective:

  • Ointment. Grind garlic and mix with butter (butter) in the same amount. The mass is applied to the affected skin, a bandage is applied on top. The medicine should be left overnight;
  • Treatment solution. To 1 tbsp. l garlic juice mixed with 1 tbsp. l alcohol, add 2 tablespoons of water. Before going to bed, the area between the fingers is treated;
  • Onion Juice Processing. Affected skin can be liquid obtained by pressing the bulb, grind in a meat grinder. If the patient feels a strong burning sensation, the juice is diluted with petroleum jelly;
  • Rubbing. Cut a clove of garlic along, dip one part in salt and rub in the right place.

If ulcers or wounds appear on the skin during treatment, it is better to abandon the further use of onions and garlic.


It is beneficial to treat the fungus between the toes of the potato peel, since this option does not require any costs. From the skins make a decoction for the baths, and also use gruel from them for additional processing of the interdigital space. The legs soar for half an hour, and to improve the effect after the procedure, wet limbs are greased with pork fat.Peeling potatoes

Herbal fees

Decoctions for oral administration and local use are recommended in the early stages of mycosis. They heal wounds, kill bacteria, dry wounds and destroy fungal spores from the inside.

Effective herbal recipes to combat mycosis:

  • It is necessary to take the same amount of calendula flowers, verbena, oak bark, blackberries, mix everything and pour boiling water. Then the container with herbs is boiled over low heat for 20 minutes. The resulting broth needs to soak cotton wool or bandage, attach it to a sore spot and hold it a little. Compresses are done every day;
  • You can mix mint, sage, nettle, St. John's wort and chamomile, chop, put in a sock that is worn all day;
  • Beat off burdock until juice appears, put on foot and bandage. This procedure should be repeated daily for 3 weeks;
  • For internal use, a drink is prepared on the basis of plantain, wormwood, burdock and yarrow. All ingredients are taken in the same amount, then they are added to 100 mg of water, boiled and infused for 6 hours. You should sing the medicine in the morning before eating.

In the fight against fungus, many herbs are used that quickly relieve symptoms and destroy pathogenic microflora. But it is worth remembering that they are ineffective in advanced stages. With chronic mycosis, you need to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe adequate treatment.

Other methods of treatment with folk remedies

In addition to the above methods in folk medicine, the following recipes have gained popularity:Coffee

  • Take 5 tbsp. tablespoons of natural ground coffee, brew boiling water in a liter, pour in a container before going to bed and lower your legs for half an hour. While the skin is still wet, put on socks, and in the morning, limbs are washed with water. After a month, the disease will disappear;
  • Put the chicken egg in a jar, pour the essence of vinegar and put the container where there is no sunlight. When the shell is dissolved, 5 g butter is mixed with the egg, after which the product is left for another day. The finished ointment is applied twice a day;
  • It is necessary to dilute turmeric with lemon juice to make a pasty mass. It is applied to the infectious area and left for 10-15 minutes.

Before using vinegar, lemon or other caustic components, make sure that the skin does not have an increased sensitivity to them.

Causes and symptoms of mycosis

The fungus often infects people who have reduced immunity, impaired metabolism, and there are wounds and sores on the legs. Pathogenic microorganisms like a humid environment, so they are easy to catch in pools, baths, shared showers. The risk group for infection with pathogenic microflora includes persons:

  • for a long time suffering from chronic infectious diseases;
  • with impaired epidermal integrity;
  • Inappropriate personal hygiene
  • with reduced immunity;
  • constantly wearing uncomfortable shoes made of low-quality materials.


Home treatment will be effective only if the form of the fungus is not already running.

Also, pregnant women, young children, as well as people suffering from varicose veins, lack of vitamins and minerals, and dysbiosis are at risk of getting sick. If treatment is not done on time, the infection will spread from the interdigital space to the nails, feet, and other parts of the body.


Mycosis does not occur immediately, first there are such symptoms:

  • small cracks in the interdigital region;

Fungus in the foot

  • itching, burning;
  • the skin becomes dry, peeling (as in the photo below).

Soon, the dermis becomes inflamed, swollen and coarsened. Discomfort and itching intensify, blisters with pus appear, wounds. If you do not get rid of the problem, then the fungus between the fingers goes to the nails, which begin to crumble and exfoliate.

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