Formidron instructions for use for the feet against the fungus

With the right and timely approach, removing the fungus of nails or soft tissues on the legs will not be difficult, and the treatment itself will not take much time. This can be done both with expensive antimycotics and simple solutions with antiseptic properties, for example, Formidron. The drug is dispensed in pharmacies without prescriptions, but it belongs to the group of highly toxic drugs and requires careful handling. The solution is used to eliminate skin mycosis on the feet, heal cracks on the heels, and also treat nail plates from pathogenic microflora, but only according to instructions.

Brief description of Formidron

Formidron is a liquid solution with a pronounced antiseptic effect. The product is packaged in dark glass bottles of 50 and 100 milliliters. The composition of the drug includes formaldehyde. This colorless substance is the main component of the drug. Auxiliary components include alcohol 93%, perfume and purified water.Formidron Bottle

Formidron in the treatment of fungus is used exclusively externally. When penetrating into the tissue, it primarily acts as a deodorizing agent, that is, it reduces perspiration at the local level and blocks an unpleasant, pathological smell. Formaldehyde also destroys the proteins of dangerous bacteria and fungi, pathogenic microorganisms cease to violate the integrity of the skin or keratin, and then gradually die.

The solution has a fungicidal effect, that is, it damages the structure of the cell membranes of the pathogens of mycosis. As a result, they accumulate harmful components and self-destruct.

The drug is relevant only at the initial stage of the development of the disease. If it is necessary to cure the fungus in a neglected form, then Formidron should be used as part of complex therapy.

Side effects

Using Formidron to treat the feet of a fungus, it is likely to encounter unpleasant reactions of the body to its composition. The skin may become rash and redden, begin to burn, the plate changes color and begins to delaminate faster. If these symptoms occur, then therapy should be discontinued. All these are manifestations of an allergy to the drug.

Tissue treatment with Formidron is contraindicated during pregnancy (fetal development is impaired) and during lactation. The solution is not used to treat children. You can use this tool only from the age of 16. But in this case, only the doctor should determine the dosage and choose the method of treatment.Lactation

Formidron is applied only to whole, intact skin and nails. Do not use liquid after removing hair, corns or plantar warts.

Instructions for use Formidron

The solution is used for nail fungus in four ways. You can make baths, mixtures for compresses, just lubricate the plates with liquid or apply in combination with other antifungal drugs.

Formidron Bath

Steaming the feet helps to cope with advanced forms of nail fungus, but only in combination with antimycotic agents for oral and local use. This method is also relevant in cases when the skin of the feet is affected.

The procedure begins with pouring 3 liters of hot water into the basin. After the following is added to the liquid:

  • celandine tincture – 1 large spoon;
  • orange oil – 5 drops;
  • soda – a teaspoon;
  • sea ​​salt – 2 tablespoons.

Use of Formidron


Soda can be excluded from the recipe and pour a little potassium permanganate in the bath instead. Usually, a substitution of ingredients is done in case of allergy to sodium carbonate or increased dry skin.

When all the components are dissolved in water, 30 milliliters of Formidron is poured into the basin. The foot descends into the solution for 20 minutes. In this way, the initial stage of mycosis of nails and skin can be cured in 2 weeks, but it is worth remembering that baths can not be done every day. It is optimal to alternate them with the treatment of feet with ointments with antifungal action day after day.

Direct processing

The official instruction for the use of the drug suggests washing the areas affected by the fungus without diluting Formidron with excipients. Before this, the feet are steamed for 20 minutes in soda or saline. Softened plates and steamed skin are wiped with a cotton swab dipped in Formidron.

After processing, the nails and soft tissues dry on their own, then an antifungal ointment or spray is applied to them. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day, the treatment lasts 21 days.

Formidron Compress

You can treat fungus with compresses based on an antiseptic. They are prescribed mainly in the early stages of mycosis. To make Formidron less toxic, you can dilute it with herbal decoction, for example, chamomile or calendula.

To prepare the mixture for the compress, you need to take:

  • Formidron pharmacy solution;
  • water or a decoction of medicinal herbs – a full glass;
  • salt – a pinch;
  • vinegar essence – 2 drops.

The components are combined and mixed. To thicken the liquid, flour is added. It should turn out a mass that looks like liquid semolina. A cotton wool is dipped in the mixture, which is applied to the nail and fixed with a film. Be sure to put on a warm sock. If the skin of the foot is affected, then a bandage is dipped in the liquid, and then it is wound on the leg.Fighting fungus on the feet

The compress is not removed for about an hour. Do the procedure 2-3 times a day. Treatment can last up to 3 weeks.

Combined therapy will give the best result:

  • morning and evening feet are steamed in a bath with the addition of an antiseptic solution;
  • at lunchtime and before bedtime, the areas affected by the fungus are smeared with Formidron;
  • a compress is done every other day;
  • in parallel, a person drinks antifungal drugs and vitamins.

Measures to Prevent Mycosis Relapse

Formidron not only helps to get rid of the fungus, but also prevents its recurrence. The solution is used to treat footwear from pathogenic spores. This is a very important preventive measure, because they can live without a carrier for about a year. Microparticles of the pathogenic flora clog deep into the seams of shoes, shoes or slippers and, under convenient circumstances, move to the skin and nail plates. So re-infection occurs.

Shoe disinfection is carried out regularly. Vata is wetted in the pharmacy liquid. A swab lubricates the inner and outer surfaces of the product. Insoles can be soaked for several hours in water with Formidron. It is necessary to process both home and street shoes. It is necessary to wash even those shoes and sneakers that have not been worn for a long time, but will be used in the future.

The second necessary action is to reduce the sweating of the feet. It is recommended to lubricate the feet with solution every two weeks. The foot will remain dry for the next 14 days.

Disinfection of the room is also an equally important condition for the prevention of fungus. Half a bottle of Formidron is diluted in a bucket of water. The carpets are swept with a wet broom, then the floors are washed with a rag dipped in this liquid.

Cost of Formidron and its substitutes

A formaldehyde solution is one of the cheapest antifungal drugs. The price of a 50 ml bottle is 30 rubles. A bottle of 100 ml costs 60 rubles. Sometimes the cost may increase, depending on the region and the pricing policy of the pharmacy kiosk.Formidron in hand


The drug has a number of substitutes, for example, Dry Drive – a direct analogue of Formidron. You can also use Galmanin or Chlorhexidine instead.


The listed antiseptics, in addition to Dry Drive, have a different set of active components, so before choosing them you need to make sure that there is no individual intolerance to the composition.

Reviews about the drug

Elena, 28 years old.

For the first time I heard about Formidron from my grandmother. In 2000, she used this solution in the preparation of foot baths against a fungus. She said that it saves from itching and inflammation of the skin affected by mycosis. Most importantly, this fluid lowers sweating.

Itself used Formidron precisely for such purposes. My feet were sweating a lot, deodorants, even very expensive ones, didn’t help. And this cheap medicine solved the problem in a relatively short time. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions before starting use, as the drug has contraindications.

Oleg, 25 years old.

First, the legs simply sweated heavily, then the symptoms of the fungus appeared on the nail. I bought Formidron solution in a pharmacy. He processed both the nail and the skin every day. The first three procedures burned strongly, but decided to endure. A week later increased sweating. Now the fungus has almost disappeared.

Rinat, 29 years old.

I go in for sports, legs in sneakers sweat a lot. This caused the fungus. There was severe itching and an unpleasant smell, I was even ashamed to take off my shoes in the common locker room. Accidentally found a review on the network about Formidron. I looked at the price – the drug is cheap. Went, bought and began to smear. Several times did baths and compresses. Now I use it for processing shoes against fungus.

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