Folk remedies for warts. Top 10!

Warts are benign growths, the appearance of which is associated with infection with papillomavirus (HPV). Once in the human body, HPV is embedded in the DNA of skin cells, provoking their growth. The insidiousness of papillomavirus in its large incubation period. Often it takes months, and sometimes years.

Immediately after infection, there are no external manifestations of infection. The virus is in sleep mode. HPV can be activated by a decrease in immunity due to a respiratory illness, exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal changes in the body (adolescence, pregnancy, lactation in women).

There are two main ways of infection with warts:

  • Contact household (non-observance of personal hygiene rules, the use of common towels, washcloths);
  • Sexual (due to unprotected sexual contact).

Most often, a wart creates an exclusively cosmetic problem for its “owner”. However, clean beautiful skin is not only a reason for pride, but also an indicator of health. Removing warts with folk remedies becomes an excellent solution to the problem.


Before proceeding with the removal of growths by folk remedies, be sure to consult a doctor and clarify the diagnosis!

Varieties of Warts

Professional dermatologists share these types of growths:

  • Simple;
  • Plantar;
  • Flat or youthful;
  • Keratomas or senile growths;
  • Spiky.

Varieties of growths differ in external signs, as well as in places of dislocation.

Simple or vulgar warts

Simple warts

Vulgar growths are low elevations of a round shape with a rough top without painful manifestations. Their sizes do not exceed 3 mm. Sometimes they merge, forming filiform inflorescences with a wide bottom of a semicircular shape. The color scheme of wart neoplasms varies from bodily in a fresh growth, to dark in an old one. Localization – hands, knees, elbows, face, scalp under the hair.

Plantar growths

Plantar warts

They are deployed on the soles of the feet. Outwardly, they look like single, old corns with a keratinized upper layer. In rare cases, they unite into groups, merging into one neoplasm, which is called "mosaic". At risk are people suffering from sweating feet. The spread of formations contributes to the trauma of warts when rubbing shoes. Painful sensations when walking bring additional discomfort.

Flat juvenile warts

A small about five millimeters nodular masses that match the skin tone in color. Sometimes they have yellow or pink blotches. Almost merge with the skin, their height is not much higher than the skin. Located on:

  • Hands (brushes);
  • Legs (lower legs);
  • The face.

Hormonal changes in the body of adolescents provoke the activation of the human papillomavirus. And cuts, scratches, injuries of the epithelium contribute to the expansion of localization sites.

Age-related warts or keratomas

Keratomas are mostly benign. Occur during compaction (keratinization) of the upper layer of the skin. They have a clear edge and resemble large nodes, plaques or spots. The outer layer is scaly and friable, as if oiled.

This type of growths is formed in people who have celebrated their fortieth birthday. The main age group is patients from fifty to sixty five years old. But the gender of the patient is not important, keratomas attack equally both women and men. Papillomavirus is not the cause of these warts.Skin Neoplasm

Genital neoplasms or condylomas

Condylomas grow in groups, resemble a lump consisting of lobes, tapering up. It is attached to the surface of the skin with the help of a thin “leg”. They are localized in the inguinal zone, genitals, around the anus, in the armpits. In addition to consulting a dermatologist, they require an appeal to a urologist or gynecologist.Genital warts

With self-diagnosis, warts are easily confused with calluses or the initial stage of cancer formation. To confirm the diagnosis, as well as to eliminate the risks of transformation of wart cells into an oncological tumor, it is better not to neglect the trip to a specialist.


Particular attention is required to growth, the formation or growth of which is accompanied by pain or itching.

Preventive (preventive) measures to protect against recurrence of the disease or primary infection are very simple:

  • In pools, saunas and baths use your own rubber slates;
  • Observe hygiene rules (separate towel, comb, washcloth);
  • Do not touch your or other people's warts;
  • Buy shoes made of genuine leather – it will allow the legs to breathe and reduce the amount of perspiration;
  • Eat balanced and varied;
  • Eliminate bad habits from your life.

All this will help strengthen immunity and maintain health for many years.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies

Over the past decades, medicine has taken a huge step forward in the treatment of a variety of diseases. And neoplasms such as papillomas and warts are no exception. Today, such methods as cryodestruction, electrocoagulation, and laser techniques are offered to remove growths.

However, referrals to specialized clinics are not to everyone's liking. And some can’t afford it. Then they remember everything about the "grandmother's recipes" of the fight against skin defects. Methods for removing warts with folk remedies are based on herbal treatment. They help not only to remove the unwanted growth on the body, but also to prevent the appearance of new ones.

Although some homemade ways to get rid of warts may seem ridiculous and ridiculous, and you doubt their effectiveness, they rightfully take their place in the book of folk recipes. Each patient has his own remedy. And folk remedies for warts have been tested for centuries.

Recipe number 1. Potato

A favorite ingredient in traditional healers is raw potatoes. To remove warts with folk remedies, the unpeeled potatoes are thoroughly washed under running water and rubbed with a grater. To get rid of warts, you need a piece of potato with a peel. The rest can be turned into mashed potatoes or another potato dish. The grated slurry is spread on a plastic film or baking parchment. And they cover the growth, fixing it with a bandage or plaster. Leave a potato compress overnight. The course of treatment is repeated until the wart can be completely removed.Chopped potatoes

Warts can always be removed using a conspiracy on potatoes. To do this, in the full moon or on the waning moon, a small root crop with a knife is divided in half. Each of the halves needs to be well anointed with growths, after which they are connected and fixed with a woolen thread. The used root crop is instilled under a tree or left to rot by wrapping in a newspaper or bag. Rotting, the root crop brings warts along with it. Instead of potatoes, you can use an apple of red varieties.

Recipe number 2. Acetic

To prepare a vinegar folk remedy for warts, you will need ordinary table vinegar and a tape patch. We cut off a small piece of the patch and make a hole in it (its diameter is equal to the diameter of the wart). We apply a patch to protect the skin around the growth, leaving only it visible. Mix vinegar with wheat flour, kneading a cool dough. The resulting substance is applied to the wart and knead slightly. Top fixed with a patch or bandage. You need to change the vinegar dough daily, a new portion is prepared for each procedure. According to patients, the use of vinegar means scarring of the skin at the wart site.Vinegar

By mixing natural antiseptics such as onions and garlic with vinegar, you can prepare two more drugs that can quickly treat neoplasms on the skin. Getting rid of warts with folk remedies based on onions and garlic is very simple. Four garlic cloves are peeled and washed. Then crushed using a knife, grater or garlic gum. Garlic gruel is poured with ½ cup apple cider vinegar. Leave to insist in a cool dark place for two weeks. With the resulting tincture, we lubricate the warts every day two or three times, trying to prevent contact with healthy skin.

Acetic and onion medicine. Cut the onion head into flat slices. They should be a little more growths. Pour onion slices with table vinegar and leave for a couple of hours. Onion soaked in vinegar is applied to the warts, fixed with a bandage or bactericidal patch, and left overnight.

Recipe number 3. With Kalanchoe

To reduce warts, the home flower of Kalanchoe will help. The sheets of the plant are crushed to a mushy state using a meat grinder or blender. The resulting paste is distributed according to the growth, wrapped with a bandage on top, you need to spend the night with such a compress. Repeat the procedure daily until the neoplasms are completely removed.

Recipe number 4. Banana

Banana and euphorbia will help to remove warts on the face. The banana peel is cut into square pieces, up to three centimeters in area (depending on the size of the growth), and garlic or milkweed extract (juice) is applied to them from the inside. The resulting natural compress is applied to the growth and fixed with a bandage or adhesive plaster. You need to change a banana compress every day. It is more convenient to carry out the procedure at night. In the afternoon, you can simply grind the wart with the inside of the banana peel.Banana peel on a wart

Recipe number 5. Potassium permanganate and magnesia

The antiseptic properties of potassium permanganate are traditionally used to remove warts on exposed parts of the body. The growths should be clean and slightly moist – you can moisten them with water before the procedure and dry them slightly. Cotton buds are dipped in water and then in potassium permanganate powder. Apply the powder to the wart very carefully so as not to cause burns to healthy areas of the skin. Instead of potassium permanganate, you can use an asterisk balm.

Cure papillomavirus will help the use of magnesia powder before meals twice a day. The course of treatment is two to three months. Do not exceed the dosage – one third of a teaspoon is enough.

Recipe number 6. Tea mushroom

Homeopathy suggests treating warts with the help of the kombucha popular in the late twentieth century. The acetic microflora contained in its composition not only has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the body's defenses, but is also able to cure warts.

The warmed drink from Kombucha is used to prepare baths and wart compresses. This method of home therapy can be used even for children and not be afraid of unpleasant consequences in the form of scars or scars.Kombucha from warts

Recipe number 7. Millet

Many people call the method of getting rid of warts with the help of millet ridiculous and ridiculous. However, it does work. You will need unwashed millet, which must be poured into a bowl or basin. We lower an arm or leg with growths in a bowl with millet and, as it were, we wash the wart with millet. Pour the used millet onto a newspaper or an unnecessary sheet of paper and feed the birds. You can laugh for a long time, but when you laugh, notice that the warts are gone.

Recipe number 8. Meat

A good recipe for removing plantar growths. To do this, you need a small piece of chicken, pork or beef meat. We make a hot foot bath with baking soda and sea salt. Steam the legs for twenty minutes. With the help of a pumice stone or a file, we remove the upper keratinous layer of the wart and thoroughly dry the legs.Folk remedies for warts. Top 10!

Now we apply a piece of fresh meat to the neoplasm, cover it with cellophane and wrap it with a bandage or a band-aid. Leave the meat for three to four days. At this time, avoid getting water under the compress. When removing the bandage, the wart is disconnected with it. In the event that the growth is old and deep, the procedure can be repeated after two to three days.

Recipe number 9. With propolis

We steam the affected area with growths in a hot bath with the addition of sea or table salt for about half an hour. Mash a small piece of propolis or chew to a paste. Apply this paste to the wart and fix it with a bandage or adhesive plaster. It is necessary to change propolis paste every day. Continue the course of treatment until complete elimination of growths. Usually, one to three months is needed to heal.

Recipe number 10. Onosma

Onosma or Anosma – a drug that contains thuja oil. Applying externally thuja oil, you can get rid of the cause that caused the appearance of warts. Just a few drops (usually three to five) are enough to treat the affected areas of the skin. The procedure is repeated as much as three to four times a day. In the case of the appearance of warts on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, they need to be processed immediately after eating three times a day.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies allows you to achieve several therapeutic goals at once:

  • Getting rid of a wart and preventing the re-manifestation of a removed growth;
  • Treatment of papillomavirus, both on the surface of the skin and in its deep layers;
  • Strengthening the body's defenses using recipes from the people, sedative effect on the body.

It is not difficult to get rid of warts with the help of folk recipes at home. It only takes time and patience.

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