Folk remedies for herpes

The plantar wart (shipitsa, shipiga) gives a lot of inconvenience, and also causes painful sensations that arise when wearing shoes. Today, you can get rid of this trouble with medication or cosmetic surgery. However, most people still prefer to use alternative methods, which are no less effective compared to expensive drugs.

Traditional medicine safety

Despite the rapid development of modern pharmacology, traditional medicine is still popular, and in some communities it is the only way to treat various diseases.ethnoscience

Now, the opinions of doctors about the safety of "grandmother" recipes for getting rid of papillomavirus infection differ. Some of them argue that due to the risk of the degeneration of a common wart growth into a cancerous tumor, experimenting with self-medication is unacceptable. But along with this, many doctors themselves recommend patients the methods of traditional medicine, as it can eliminate the problem with HPV and save a person from the harmful effects of pharmacy drugs on the body.

Basically, the unconventional treatment of papillomavirus is completely safe, but before using this or that remedy prepared at home, you should still consider your individual characteristics.

How to remove the dog bone on the leg?

You can get rid of the plantar wart with the help of simple products that are in every home:

  • bow;
  • garlic;
  • vinegar;
  • potatoes.

Onion-vinegar compresses

The production of vinegar compresses has become an effective way to remove the tongues. To do this, soak one half of the middle onion in a 40% acetic solution and then attach it to the location of the growth. The compress is fixed on the leg with a bandage or regular adhesive plaster. The duration of one course of treatment is 7-10 days, provided that the onion is applied daily for at least 60 minutes. After the specified period, the growth will begin to exfoliate and eventually fall off along with the root.


Acetic essence can cause chemical burns to healthy skin. Therefore, it can not be used to treat plantar warts in young children.

Before applying onion-vinegar compresses, you need to make sure that there are no scratches, abrasions, wounds of unknown origin on the skin of the feet. The acid is very corrosive and, once on the damaged epidermis, will provoke the development of the inflammatory process and the necrosis of healthy tissues.

Replace onions soaked in vinegar can medicinal herbs, widespread throughout Russia – nettle and celandine. They are pre-crushed in a blender, and then used for compresses.Onion and vinegar compress

Garlic vs. Spitz

Garlic has excellent antiviral properties and it contains a lot of useful substances:

  • essential oils;
  • volatile;
  • organic acids;
  • minerals (zinc, iodine, selenium, potassium).

All of them help in the fight against various viral diseases and are able to get rid of plantar warts of varying complexity in a short time.

Garlic juice quickly penetrates deep into the structure of the tongue and destroys viral cells, which leads to the peeling of the growth. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the affected area of ​​the skin, and also accelerates tissue regeneration at the site of the fallen wart.

For the treatment of shipitsa, it is necessary to grind one head of garlic, after which the juice from the resulting slurry is decanted through gauze, folded three times, or a small strainer. The liquid is poured into a clean small jar and stored in the refrigerator. She needs to regularly process the growth at least 3 times in 24 hours. The course of treatment lasts until the wart dies completely.

Garlic will not only relieve the external signs of papillomavirus, but also significantly reduce the risk of malignancy of the spitz. In addition, this method of treatment is completely harmless to children and pregnant women, and the only contraindication to its use is an allergy to the plant.

Potato gruel

Potatoes can be found in every home, but despite this, few people know about its medicinal properties.

Like garlic, potatoes contain a large amount of organic acids and minerals, which are indispensable in the fight against HPV symptoms. Therefore, the pulp of the tubers of this herbaceous plant is used as one of the main methods for removing the fennel.

To prepare a potato compress, it is necessary to grind several medium washed potatoes without a peel on a grater or in a blender. Next, the resulting slurry is wrapped in 3-4 layers of gauze and attached to the site of localization of the neoplasm with an adhesive plaster or bandage.Preparing a potato compress

Treatment of herpes with such a folk remedy is completely safe for young children and pregnant women. The only recommendation for the use of potato compresses was the preliminary steaming of the feet in water with the addition of a small amount of soda. This will slightly soften the coarse layer of skin on the wart, as well as enable potato juice to quickly penetrate the growth.

Hot birch tar

Birch tar has a lot of useful properties:

  • removes the keratinized layer of the dermis;
  • has an antiviral effect on the site of the wart;
  • reduces pain when walking;
  • relieves inflammation of the growth.

You can buy birch tar both in unrefined form and as part of some medications, for example, Vishnevsky ointment or Wilkinson ointment.

In the production of tar, the top layer of birch bark is always used. Since this substance is of plant origin, it contains:

  • organic acids;
  • essential oils;
  • aldehydes;
  • phenols;
  • alcohols.

In its appearance, birch tar resembles a thick liquid with a pungent odor. To remove the tongues, it must be applied daily to the wart, as well as nearby healthy skin areas for 20-30 minutes. To enhance the effect of the medicine, you need to wrap your leg with plastic wrap and put on a wool sock on top.


The film not only contributes to the preservation of heat and enlargement of pores, but also protects shoes, socks, floors and bed linens from tar coloring. To wash things stained with medicinal fluid is almost impossible.

Birch tar

Iodine treatment

Iodine is one of the available antiseptic drugs that can be bought at the pharmacy counter. It is effective in getting rid of various types of papillomas, including fennel at an early stage of their development. It can be used as an independent way to remove warts, or in combination with other alternative methods of treatment.

The therapy process does not require any complicated preparatory measures. The patient will only need to treat the growth with medicine 3-5 times a day for one or two weeks. During this time, iodine will penetrate the structure of the wart and cause necrosis of the damaged cells of the neoplasm, which will lead to the death of the spine and its falling away.

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