Folk recipe for toenail fungus: vinegar and egg

Onychomycosis is a very common disease. About ten percent of people on the planet are infected with this unpleasant ailment. Effectively getting rid of nail fungus is possible not only with pharmacological ointments and tablets with an antimycotic effect, but also with the help of traditional medicine. A good solution is to use table vinegar. He quite successfully copes with fungal infections of the feet and keratin layer. One of the ways to use acetic acid is home-made ointments, which are prepared on the basis of chicken eggs.

Treatment of onychomycosis with vinegar

Nail fungus can be defeated by an ordinary table essence. This method of treatment has been used for a long time. It continues to be in demand despite the fact that now there are many affordable drugs.Egg and Vinegar

To combat onychomycosis, it is better to use acetic acid, mixing it with various types of oil, glycerin, and herbal extracts. And if you add a chicken egg to the composition, then the resulting medicine will not burn the skin, its effect will become more sparing, and the effectiveness of the treatment will increase.

For the treatment of pathogenic microflora, 70% essence and nine percent table vinegar are often used. Sometimes it is replaced with natural apple.

Instructions for use

Liquid medicines, in particular solutions for compresses based on vinegar, are used mainly at night. In the morning, wash your feet thoroughly. Such procedures are carried out every day until complete cure.

A thick therapeutic mixture is applied to diseased nails twice a day, after which they are covered with pieces of plastic film. Then put on warm socks or gloves (if the fungus is on your hands) made of natural fabric.

Security measures

Vinegar is an aggressive substance, it can cause irritation, redness and even burns of the skin. Therefore, ointments with its content should be used carefully, avoiding their contact with an unprotected body. You can pre-lubricate the skin surrounding the nail with petroleum jelly or a greasy cream.Fungus treatment

It is also advisable to check yourself for individual intolerance to the components of the drug. To do this, a small amount is applied to the back of the brush. If after a few hours there are no signs of irritation, then the tool can be safely used to eliminate onychomycosis.

Treatment duration

Therapy in the initial stage of the disease lasts at least half a month. In advanced cases, it can last up to six months. The first result is noticeable after a week. But to completely get rid of the fungus, you need to continue to be treated for at least fifteen days after the disappearance of all symptoms of onychomycosis.

If the fungus affects more than half of the nail, then it is impossible to restore it. It is necessary to apply treatment mixtures until the plate completely falls off. In its place, a new, healthy one will soon grow.


If the condition of the nails has not improved after thirty days of using vinegar ointments, it is necessary to switch to treatment with other folk remedies or medicines.

Preparatory procedures

In order for the therapy to be effective, diseased nails need to be pre-treated. Feet are steamed in a hot water bath for thirty minutes. A little soda and sea salt are added to it. Then, the plates affected by the fungus are cut as short as possible.Fungus bath

At the end, the remnants of the varnish are removed and the nails are additionally treated with a nail file, removing their keratinized layer. All these procedures will help the drug penetrate deeper into keratin and destroy the mycelium, together with spores.

Popular recipes for egg-based vinegar ointments

It is not difficult to prepare the treatment mixture, for this you need to follow the instructions exactly. Do not use the medicine you received for more than a week. The drug quickly deteriorates in heat, so it is stored for 7 days in a cool place. In addition to acetic acid and eggs, butter or olive oil, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, dimethyl phthalate are used to prepare the medicine.

Vinegar with Egg and Alcohol

This is the most popular folk recipe for fighting fungus. To make the ointment, egg white is mixed with the same amount of 96% ethanol. After that, a little 9 percent vinegar is poured into the mixture. The solution is thoroughly mixed. Apply the resulting medicine as follows:

  1. A mixture is impregnated with a piece of cotton;
  2. Then it is fixed on the nail affected by onychomycosis with a band-aid;
  3. A plastic bag and a warm toe are put on the foot;
  4. The compress remains on the foot until the morning;
  5. The procedure is performed until all the symptoms of fungal infection of the nails disappear.

Instead of alcohol, you can use ordinary vodka. It needs to be taken in larger quantities than concentrated ethanol. Apply such a medicine in the same way.

Dimethyl Phthalate Against Nail Fungus

Dimethyl phthalate is an inexpensive pharmacy and veterinary drug that helps to cope with ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and skin mycoses. A prescription medicine is sold. In combination with an egg-vinegar mixture, the drug can easily cope with onychomycosis in the early stages of the disease. You can prepare the ointment as follows:Dimethyl phthalate

  1. You need to take twenty milliliters of 9 percent vinegar, Art. l vegetable oil, one chicken egg;
  2. Beat the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Dimethyl phthalate (1 tsp) is added last. It should get a dense homogeneous mass;
  3. The resulting ointment is applied to a napkin and applied to diseased nails. The compress is fixed;
  4. The duration of wearing the bandage is at least ten hours.

Treatment continues until all signs of fungal infection of the legs disappear. This usually takes about one month.

Butter Recipe

Place the egg in a small jar and pour it with vinegar. After a few days, the shell will dissolve. After that, the remnants of the film are removed and the mixture is mixed with butter. The result should be a thick, reminiscent of ointment, mass.

The resulting medicine is applied to nails affected by onychomycosis. From above they are covered with polyethylene and left for several hours. Such treatment is carried out every day, but when signs of skin irritation appear, they take a short break.

Fungus ointment with glycerin and olive oil

This medicine helps well with onychomycosis in the initial and secondary stages. To make it, you will need dimethyl phthalate, pharmacy glycerin, vegetable oil (sunflower or olive), egg, nine percent vinegar. All components are taken in equal proportions, except for acid. It is added in double quantity. Everything is thoroughly mixed, rubbed into a homogeneous mass.Ointment


The most effective use of vinegar ointments in combination with pharmacy drugs. Folk remedies enhance the properties of pharmacological agents, so that onychomycosis will be quickly cured.

Apply the ointment as follows: apply the product to sick nails with a cotton swab, cover with a cling film on top. They put warm socks on their legs, and gloves on their hands. The compress is left overnight. Treatment is carried out until the fungus completely disappears.


Olga, 37 years old.

Recently I noticed signs of nail fungus. At first I did not know what to do, then I remembered the old recipe – an egg with vinegar. On the same day, she prepared the medicine and began to lubricate her nails for the night. After 2 weeks the fungus passed, the legs began to look good again.

Alexey, 48 years old.

I had my nail mycosis for a long time, I did not try to treat it, I just did not attach any importance to it. But when the plates turned brown, they began to peel and fall off, I realized that it was time to get rid of the fungus. I found a recipe for treating the disease with acetic acid and an ordinary egg. Preparation of ointment turned out to be quite simple. He began to apply it on her nails every evening. Over time, the old plates fell off, new ones began to grow.

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