Exoderil for nail and skin fungus. Reviews, price, analogues are cheaper

Exoderil is a popular antifungal drug that has long been used in dermatology to combat pathogenic microflora that has affected the human body. Doctors call it an effective tool, suitable for almost all patients, regardless of their age, but they should only be used after reading the instructions. Knowing all the features of the medicine will help to correctly draw up a course of treatment and protect yourself from its side effects.

Description of the line of drugs Exoderil

The production of Exoderil is handled by the Austrian company Sandoz, known throughout the world. She releases the drug in three pharmacological forms:Exoderyl in various forms

  • solution;
  • varnish;
  • cream.

They have in their composition the same active component – naphthyne hydrochloride. The difference between them is only in the method of use, the set of additional ingredients and the purpose.

The liquid form of Exoderil, in addition to naphthyne, includes:

  • propylene glycol;
  • pyrogen-free water;
  • ethyl alcohol 95%.

The varnish contains:

  • copolymers, in particular ammonium methacrylate;
  • butyl acetate;
  • ethyl acetate;
  • triacetin;
  • anhydrous ethanol.

The cream includes:

  • benzyl alcohol;
  • polysorbate-60;
  • cetyl palmitate;
  • stearyl and cetyl alcohol;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • sorbitan stearate;
  • isopropyl myristate;
  • pyrogen-free water.

Description of active ingredient

The first to synthesize naftifine hydrochloride was possible in 1974. At that moment, it was found that the substance is able to cope with a large list of pathogenic microorganisms, both fungi and bacteria. In addition, Sandoz lab workers have found that it is completely harmless to the human body when used properly and in the right dosage.The doctor recommends

Naftifin was assigned to the group of allylamines. When applied externally, it has several actions:

  • antimycotic;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory.

In the course of his testing, it turned out that he is active against dermatophytes, molds, yeast and yeast-like pathogens. On the first two varieties of pathogenic microflora, preparations containing naphthyne hydrochloride are fungicidal, and on the last – fungistatically. In this case, the properties of the substance increase with increasing pH.

The fungicidal effect of naftifin is to block the synthesis of ergosterol inside fungal cells, which makes the further development of infection impossible. Further, mycosis dies. With fungistatic actions, metabolic processes within the pathogen structure are disturbed, which leads to the delamination of the intercellular membrane and the death of pathogens.


In addition to combating fungus, naftifine hydrochloride destroys gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Due to this, it is often prescribed for pyoderma instead of gentamicin.

Indications for use

Exoderil solution and cream are prescribed for the treatment of diseases such as:

  • soft tissue candidiasis;
  • mycosis in the interdigital zone;
  • lichen formations;

Various manifestations of the fungus

  • mycoses supplemented with a bacterial infection;
  • fungus of the skin and folds;
  • dermatomycoses with and without symptoms;
  • fungus of the ear canal (solution only) and shells (cream only);
  • microsporia;
  • hyperkeratosis.

Occasionally, these forms of medication are used for onychomycosis. But to use them in this case is impractical, since the preparations are inconvenient to apply to the nail plates, they quickly evaporate and little active component gets into the structure of keratin.

For the treatment of nail fungus, Exoderil is used in the form of varnish. It quickly impregnates the affected area and forms a water-repellent film on it, which prevents the penetration of bacteria and microbes into the plate.

Instructions for use with nail and skin fungus

The method of using Exoderil depends on the location of the mycosis and the form of release of the drug. Below are all the schemes for the use of drugs for infectious lesions of the soft tissues and the keratin layer.


In the treatment of skin mycosis, the cream is smeared once a day on the affected area, affecting 1 cm of the surrounding healthy epidermis. This will prevent the spread of fungal spores around the foci of infection.Application of Exoderil Cream

The duration of therapy depends on the stage of development of the disease. In the initial form, the cream is used for 2 weeks, with an average – 20 days, and on the running – about a month or more. Also, the drug is allowed to be used for the prevention of fungus. In this case, they need to be smeared once every three days.

When nails are affected, the cream is smeared with a thick layer on the sore finger and plate, after which it is left to dry completely. The treatment is repeated twice a day for 1.5 months. If in 45 days there is no result from treatment, then you need to visit a doctor. He will prescribe a laboratory examination and pick up another, more suitable drug.


The liquid antifungal agent Exoderil is used in almost the same way as the cream. Only it is not smeared on the skin or nails, but applied with a cotton swab. A small amount of cotton wool wrapped in a clean bandage or gauze is wetted in the medicine. Further, the location of the fungus along with the surrounding skin is wiped with a swab.

With onychomycosis, you can use this method:

  1. A piece of gauze is folded 4 times to get a cushion of about 3×3 cm;
  2. It is moistened in a solution and applied over a diseased nail;
  3. Gauze is fixed with adhesive tape.

Remove the bandage after half an hour. It is advisable to do the procedure early in the morning or before bedtime, since gauze on the finger will interfere with the performance of household tasks.

Use Exoderil solution twice a day for 2-3 weeks. With a severe form of mycosis or a disease complicated by a bacterial infection, therapy is extended for another 10-15 days.


Before applying varnish to the nail plate, you need to prepare:Cleansing foot bath

  1. Pour 2 liters of hot water into the container, pour 1 tbsp into it. l soda and 3-4 drops of tea tree essential oil;
  2. Feet or hands soar in the liquid (depending on which limb the nails are affected by mycosis) 15-20 minutes;
  3. After the plate, cut it as short as possible, polish it with a nail file and clean it with acetone.

Prepared nails are lubricated with therapeutic varnish using a brush, which is located under the lid of the medicine bottle.


To be completely sure that Exoderil is exactly the medicine that is required in a particular case, you need to undergo an examination and consult with a specialist.

The treatment of the affected plates is carried out every 3-4 days. In this case, the old layer of varnish should be removed. Steaming and polishing nails is done every time, but they need to be trimmed as they grow.

On average, the treatment of onychomycosis with Exoderil varnish lasts from 15 days to 1 month. But even after getting rid of the fungus, you must continue to use the drug for at least another week. This is required to protect the plate from recurrence of infection.

General recommendations

In order for the treatment of onychomycosis with the help of medical varnish to be successful, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not use decorative coatings during therapy;
  • It is necessary to abandon cosmetic manicure, wearing false nails;
  • The steaming bath for feet or hands should be done not only before applying Exoderil. The procedure is recommended to be carried out daily. Only in this case, the soda must be replaced with sea salt, as sodium carbonate greatly dries the skin;
  • After coating the plate with varnish, lubricate the surrounding skin with anti-mycotic cream. This is necessary because the spores of the fungus are localized not only on keratin, but also on soft tissues;
  • To protect neighboring fingers from nail fungus, they also need to be treated with Exoderil.

Contraindications and side effects

Preparations based on naftifin hydrochloride have no contraindications except for allergies to auxiliary components, the presence of open wounds or ulcers of unknown origin near the location of the fungus. At the age of 2 years, during pregnancy and during HB, you need to consult a doctor. For persons with impaired liver or kidney function, Exoderil in any form is not prohibited, since it does not penetrate the blood.Liver

When treating a fungus with varnish, cream or solution, the following local negative reactions are sometimes observed in patients:

  • itching
  • peeling;
  • swelling
  • hives;
  • redness
  • pressure pain.

All these are symptoms of an allergy to the composition of the drug. They disappear without outside help 5-6 hours after the last use of the drug. In severe cases, it is necessary to take antihistamines, both oral and external. With the manifestation of individual intolerance to Exoderil, further treatment should be abandoned with its help.

The cost of exoderil in pharmacies and analogues

The price depends on the form of release and the volume of packaging:

  • a solution of 1% 10, 20, 30 ml – 400, 800 and 1300 rubles, respectively;
  • cream 1% 15 and 30 g (in tubes) – 500 and 900 rubles;
  • varnish from nail fungus (set) – up to 1100 rubles.

Many patients cannot afford this cost of medicine, so they are looking for substitutes for it at a more affordable price. And there are cheaper analogues.

Solutions from skin fungus and nail plates, which include components similar to the principle of action on naphthyne hydrochloride:

  • Clotrimazole. Available in 25 ml bottles by the Ukrainian company Borshchagovsky Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant. The composition includes clotrimazole – a potent antifungal substance. The average price in pharmacies is 50-60 rubles;
  • Dimexide. It is not an antimycotic agent, but it successfully fights with different types of pathogenic microflora, bacteria and microbes. It goes on sale in glass bottles of 50 and 100 ml, the cost of which does not exceed 50-80 rubles .;


  • Nitrofungin. Chloronitrophenol-based drug. The manufacturer is the Czech pharmaceutical company Teva. The solution is active against many representatives of pathogens and is used to treat mycosis of nails, skin and scalp. The tool is quite cheap – up to 90 rubles;


It is impossible to independently choose a drug that can replace Exoderil. Its analogues have their own list of contraindications and side effects. Some of them, if used improperly, can cause health problems.

  • Fucorcin. A medicine containing fuchsin, boric acid, resorcinol and phenol. Available in 25 ml bottles. The manufacturer is a Russian pharmaceutical factory located in the Yaroslavl region. Price – 70-85 rubles;
  • Bifosin. One of the most popular antifungal agents, whose effectiveness has been proven by dermatologists not only in Russia, but also in Europe and even the USA. Bifosin is able to treat almost all known strains of the fungus and helps well against germs and bacteria. However, it costs a little more compared to other drugs – 120-150 rubles per package.

Cheap substitutes for Exoderil cream:

  • Lamisil. A drug with broad-spectrum terbinafine. The list of indications for use includes fungus of the foot, nails, skin and mucous membranes. The price of the cream is 200 rubles;
  • Mycoderil. Designed to combat onychomycosis and pathogenic microflora, which affects the skin on the legs. Manufactured by Pharmstandard-Tomskkhimfarm pharmaceutical company based on naphthyne hydrochloride. It is considered a complete analogue of Exoderil. The cost of a tube with cream is 320 rubles per 15 g;
  • Mycosolone. Hungarian ointment containing miconazole nitrate. It belongs to the group of triazoles and imidazoles. One pack of medicine will cost 130 rubles;


  • Terbizil. The drug, according to the principle of action and composition, is similar to Lamisil. It is produced by Gideon Richter and costs up to 280 rubles.

Varnishes – analogues of Exoderil:

  • Loceryl;
  • Oflomil;
  • Demictene
  • Amoderm Neo.

All of them have a similar principle of action and are aimed at the treatment and prevention of onychomycosis. Their price ranges from 400 to 700 rubles for 1 set, which includes:

  • disposable nail files;
  • bottle of medicine;
  • applicator brush;
  • instruction.

Reviews on the use of exoderil drugs

Milan, 30 years old.

Used all forms of exoderil release. A good medicine that copes with mycosis is much faster than other antimycotics. However, it is not suitable as a prophylactic, as it is very expensive. Instead, you can buy cheap Clotrimazole cream.

Svetlana, 35 years old.

For a long time she suffered from onychomycosis on her legs. At first I tried to be treated with folk remedies, then I went to the pharmacy and bought several ointments that did not help me. As a result, I had to go to the hospital and make an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor examined the foot and said to buy Exoderil in the form of varnish from a nail fungus. I smeared it on the plates according to the instructions for 3 weeks. The nail began to grow stronger, the yellow hue and the grooves disappeared. After another 10 days, there was no trace of the fungus.

Nikolay, 23 years old.

He bought exoderil on the advice of a friend when he became ill with a foot fungus. I caught an infection, apparently, when visiting the pool. I used the drug in the form of a cream 2 times a day. A month later, the disease receded. Now I smear my feet with medicine every 4 days so that the fungus does not recur. During treatment and during the entire time of prevention, I did not notice any side effects.

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