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Onychomycosis is the medical name for the defeat of the nail plates by a fungal infection. This disease develops very quickly, it is difficult to treat in case of untimely treatment to the doctor. In the advanced stage, when the entire nail is affected, the only way out is to remove it. This is usually a painful procedure, accompanied by bleeding and having a high risk of infection of the wound. To avoid surgery, doctors recommend buying Nogtivit. It allows you to easily and quickly remove the nail without pain and negative consequences.

Description of Nogtivitis

Nails are available in several forms for convenient use. Each of them is designed to remove the infected nail and enhance the growth of a new plate, and also differs in the composition and concentration of active substances.Nails

Classic Nogtivit contains stearic acid, urea, propylene glycol and tea tree extract. It is prescribed in case of damage to the fungal infection of the plate without its excessive thickening. Urea softens the keratin layer, which allows you to painlessly remove the infected nail with tweezers.

It is produced in the form of a cream in a plastic jar of 15 g. Its price ranges from 120-150 rubles.

Mode of application:

  1. Steam hands or feet in saline or soapy hot water for 20-30 minutes;
  2. A medical adhesive plaster is glued on the cuticle and skin rollers around the treated nail. It will be needed to protect healthy skin from exposure to the active substances of the cream;
  3. With a cotton swab, a thick layer of the drug is applied to the entire plate;
  4. A patch is glued on the nail with cream to prevent its evaporation, leaching, smearing;
  5. At the end, a bandage is wound around the finger.

After two days, the bandage is removed, a soda bath is made and the upper softened layer of the plate is removed, then the procedure is repeated. For the final disposal of a diseased nail, you will need to apply the cream 3-4 times.

Nail "Strengthened"

It contains substances such as urea and concentrated lactic acid. The main active ingredients are supplemented with auxiliary substances – natural beeswax, glycerin, tea tree essential oil.Reinforced nails


It is recommended to use it in the case of a very thickened nail plate, which cannot be removed by other methods.

Instructions for use:

  1. It is good to steam the legs in a solution of 1 liter of water and 1 tbsp. l baking soda for 30-40 minutes. After wipe dry;
  2. As in the previous version, protect the surrounding skin with a patch;
  3. Apply the drug with a cotton swab;
  4. Seal with adhesive tape. From above put on dense cotton socks and leave it overnight;
  5. In the morning, remove the bandage and remove the softened layer of the plate with an abrasive file.

It is necessary to apply the product until the nail bed is completely cleared of the infected stratum corneum.

There is a reinforced version of the ointment 250-300 rubles.

Naktivit Lakoplast

Lacquer for painless disposal of fungus infected nails is a substance of gel consistency. The product contains urea, magnolia bark extract, alcohol.

This is a more powerful tool that needs to be applied clearly according to the instructions, without increasing the time spent on the treated area. If the varnish is not removed on time, then the active substances will dissolve not only the dense keratin layer, but also soft tissues.Lacoplast nogtivitis

Mode of application:

  1. A thin layer to spread the gel on the infected surface;
  2. Allow it to dry completely (20 minutes is enough), and then put on socks;
  3. After 12 hours, wash the treated area with warm soapy water;
  4. Cut a soft surface with a nail file;
  5. Apply another layer of gel.

Such procedures are repeated daily in the morning and in the evening until the complete disappearance of the diseased nail.

The price of packaging varnish is about 900 rubles.

Recommendations for the treatment of fungus

Self-administration of Nogtivit may not solve the problem. The tool helps get rid of the affected nail plate, but the pathogen with a certain probability will remain in the soft tissues. Therefore, after the complete removal of the nail, the manufacturer recommends the use of additional local antifungal drugs and under-cream.

It stimulates the accelerated growth of a healthy nail, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It includes tea tree oil, castor, vaseline, anise, lavender, mint. As well as panthenol, which stimulates tissue regeneration, a small amount of urea to soften and moisturize, extracts of plantain and ginkgo biloba to fight inflammation.

What is the therapeutic effect of Nogtivitis

The destruction of the nail plate is achieved due to the natural keratological properties of urea, which softens the damaged keratin layer, gradually forcing the nail to move away from the bed.Nail restoration

Lactic acid in an enhanced form of release loosens a coarse, thickened plate, which allows you to gradually remove it in layers, without harming the delicate skin under it.

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic substance that fights pathogenic microflora, relieves the inflammatory process.

Excipients strengthen local immunity, heal ulcers and fissures, promote the growth of a healthy plate, inhibit the vital activity of fungi.


In the pharmacological market, there are other drugs with a similar effect. If for some reason Nogtivit was not in the pharmacy, then the following substitutes can be purchased:

  • Nogthimycin. The composition includes castor oil, kaiput, peppermint, corn, lavender, stearic and salicylic acids, as well as glycerin and urea, natural beeswax. It features a mild, gentle action. It should be used in the same way as Nogtivit;
  • Onychoplast. Available in the form of ointments for application to the affected nail. Contains urea derivatives, beeswax, paraffin. The thick consistency allows you to apply the medicine without fear of spreading and getting on the surrounding healthy skin. After application, the destruction of keratin occurs, peeling of the plate from the nail bed;



Before using Nogtivit analogues, it is important to ensure that there are no allergies to their components.

  • Trichloroacetic patch. It is an adhesive tape impregnated with organic acids. Before using it, it is recommended to steam the nails, dry them and cut off the surface of the plate so that it becomes rough;
  • Mycospore set. Designed for the treatment of fungal infections of the nails on the arms and legs. It includes an antimycotic ointment, 15 keratolytic patches to soften the plates, a plastic scraper. Before using the drug, the feet are steamed, trimmed and filed over the surface of the nail. The ointment included in the kit is applied to it, a patch is glued on top. In this case, it is necessary to avoid contact with funds on the surrounding skin. After 3 days it is removed. Wash the feet with soap or tar soap, again make steaming bath. The softened keratin layer is carefully removed with a scraper. To completely remove the affected nail, you will need about three procedures.


Anna, 26 years old.

When a fungus appeared on the nail, the doctor recommended removing the plate surgically. I was scared even from the single word "operation". Girlfriend advised Nogtivit Reinforced. It costs a lot and turned out to be very effective. A week later, there was no trace of the plate.

Sergey, 45 years old.

Strongly launched the fungus. When the nail became very thick, ribbed, it began to crumble, the dermatologist advised to remove it with Nogtivit. I bought it, read the instructions to do everything right, started to apply. The nail fell off after 5 treatments.

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