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Mycosan is a highly effective drug used to treat fungal infections of the nail plates. It is made on the basis of natural raw materials. This feature attracts those people who do not want to use chemicals to treat nails. Natural components not only destroy bacteria and pathogenic microflora, but also restore the structure of the keratin layer. Another advantage of choosing this antimycotic is that the tube with cream comes with nail care tools during the treatment process. But that is not all there is to know about Mikozan.

Description of the drug

Mikosan is produced by a Dutch pharmaceutical company. It is intended for the treatment of nails affected by parasites of a fungal nature. For the treatment of skin this drug is not used. The main active ingredient is a concentrate of germinated rye seeds. In addition, the composition of the product contains purified water and binders (hydroxyethyl cellulose, dimethyl isosorbide).Tube of Mikozan

The preparation in the form of a gel-like substance is packaged in a plastic tube having a convenient applicator tip. The set contains 10 manicure files with an abrasive coating of two types. Tools are needed to process the nail plates during therapy.

Mikozan ointment is indicated for use in the following situations:

  • therapy of fungal infections of the nail plates on the arms and legs;
  • prevention of recurrence of the disease;
  • fungal infection prevention.

You can also use the drug to improve the structure of nails. This is advisable if the plate is folded and breaks due to a lack of trace elements.

Drug action

The principle of the ointment is based on the healing properties of rye seeds. Organic enzymes found in germinated sprouts have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Amylase and phytase contained in rye seeds catalyze biochemical processes.

When germinating grains, substances are formed that have a fungicidal effect on fungi of various strains. That is why bread from rye sprouts has antibacterial properties and is often prescribed as an additional way to fight infections. The fermentation process increases the content of beneficial trace elements in cereal embryos. This especially affects class B vitamins.

In addition to killing bacteria, rye enzymes have the following effects:

  • restore the cells of the nail;
  • saturate the plate with useful substances;
  • strengthen the nail and cuticle;

Big toes

  • make the plate dense and shiny.


The effectiveness of treatment with Mycosan should be judged after the appearance of a new keratin layer. Toenails grow very slowly (3-6 months), so hope for a quick result is not worth it.

The enzyme complex of rye grains has a rich natural composition. This was known in antiquity, so cereal was used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. The plant contains amino acids that affect the metabolic processes in the epidermis and keratin. These include:

  • glutamic, aspartic acid;
  • glycine;
  • alanine;
  • leucine.

These substances are part of the hydrolipidic membrane of the dermis. They are necessary to maintain the water balance of tissues.

There are also vitamins in rye sprouts:

  • folic acid;
  • tocopherol;
  • thiamine;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • niacin.

When there is a shortage in the body, metabolic processes are disrupted, the level of nutrients in the epidermis decreases. This has a negative effect on the nails: they become weak, brittle, begin to exfoliate. Studies have shown that rye enzymes are active not only against fungi, but also staphylococcus and other pathogenic bacteria.

Mycosan is created in the form of an emulsion, which when applied to the nail plate forms a protective film on its surface. In this case, the active substance goes deeper and produces a therapeutic effect. The spores of the fungus are destroyed, while the further development of the mycelium is simultaneously stopped.

Thanks to the protective coating formed by the drug, bacteria do not penetrate into the plate, which ensures a stable result of therapy. In addition, the film creates favorable conditions for the growth of a healthy plate.

Instructions for use

Before using the drug from nail fungus, it is necessary to carry out preparatory actions. These include cleaning and treating damaged areas. You do not need to neglect them, since thanks to them, the effectiveness of treatment increases several times.The use of Mikozan

First, the nails on the entire leg or arm are cleaned of dirt and decorative varnish. Then make a bath to soften the skin and open the pores of keratin. Feet or hands are dipped in a warm soda solution and kept there for 20-25 minutes. After this, coarsened skin areas are removed with a pumice stone. They accumulate many bacteria that support the vital activity of the fungus. Then the hands or feet are rinsed and dried.

After using the file included in the set of Mikozan, the damaged plate is ground. This is done at the first use of the product, and then once a week. Perform the procedure carefully. If necessary, you need to cut the sharp edges with nippers.

At the end, an ointment from nail fungus is applied to the infected plate. The tool should completely cover the entire surface of the plate along with the cuticle. Then you need to wait for drying (according to the instructions it takes 2-3 minutes). Further, it is recommended to process adjacent nails in order to avoid infection of healthy plates.

The agent is applied twice a day after cleansing and washing the feet or hands. The duration of the treatment course is 3-5 months. The disappearance of the symptoms of the disease (itching, redness, peeling) is observed after 2-3 days. You can see the result of therapy only after the growth of a healthy plate. You can not give up treatment before the specified time or do it from time to time. In this case, the effectiveness of the drug is greatly reduced.

The manufacturer warns that healthy nails should be treated using separate tools. Otherwise, fungal spores can be transferred to neighboring fingers. The files that come in the kit are intended only for one-time grinding of the damaged plate. It is forbidden to transfer to other people tools that were used to treat diseased nails.

In order to prevent and strengthen healthy nails, the drug is used once a day.


During the treatment period, it is not recommended to use decorative varnish, as it contains substances that adversely affect the structure of the nail.

Price and popular substitutes

The cost of the drug varies depending on the region and the price policy of the pharmacy. In Moscow, it can be bought for 850-1000 rubles, in other cities it costs from 650 to 900 rubles. If you order the product through online pharmacies, you can find more profitable options. There, the buyer will be offered a set of Mikozan for 590 rubles. But in this case, you need to wait for delivery and additionally pay for the courier.Mycosan Packaging


Many patients are interested in the availability of Mikozan substitutes. Doctors say that there are no direct synonyms for this medicine, but there are many drugs with a similar effect, for example:

  • Loceryl. Therapeutic varnish against fungal diseases of the nails. The active substance is amorolfine hydrochloride. The tool destroys most known strains of pathogenic microflora. The price in pharmacies for this tool is higher than that of Mikozan – 900-1400 rubles;
  • Stop fungus. Domestic drug to eliminate the fungus from the nail plates. The action of the drug is based on the fungicidal properties of terbinafine. Varnish successfully kills dermatophytes, moldy, yeast-like fungi. Apply the solution once every three days. The tool creates a durable coating that blocks the penetration of microbes into keratin from the outside. Price – 250-280 rubles;
  • Oflomil. This drug is an analogue of Loceryl from Indian manufacturers. The main active ingredient is amorolfin. The tool is well known to Russian consumers. Oflomil can be bought for 650-700 rubles;
  • Neil Expert. A preparation with natural ingredients that effectively eliminates the fungal pathogens that settle on the nails. The composition contains panthenol, glycerin, silver ions. The tool inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogens, nourishes and moisturizes the plate. The cost of the medicine is 220 rubles;

Lac Batrafen

  • Batrafen. Therapeutic varnish for nail fungus, stopping the development of onychomycosis at any stage. The active substance is cyclopirox. The tool penetrates the entire structure of the plate, destroys known strains of the fungus. The durable film on the surface of the nail, which appears after applying the varnish, prevents them from spreading to the surrounding tissue. The cost of Batrafen is 2000-2200 rubles.


Larisa, 28 years old.

In the fall, I noticed that my toenails turned yellow and began to flake. I was very scared – after all, if it is a fungus, then it needs to be treated for a long time. I looked on the Internet what natural preparations with antimycotic action are. I don’t want to use chemicals, they do more harm than good. As a result, I found Mikozan and a couple more drugs.

He was treated for one month. Immediately, the result is not visible, but this is because the plates on the legs grow slowly. The effect can be noticed by the absence of symptoms – burning, redness passes, fingers stop sore. When new nails grew, their condition was excellent – shiny, healthy, pink.

Milan, 30 years old.

I did not succeed in buying Mikozan from the fungus, but I found its analogue – gel in the form of varnish Oflomil. It was too expensive for me, but health, like beauty, requires sacrifice. In parallel with the treatment of the legs, I drank pills and smeared the foot with Clotrimazole cream. The full course of treatment took me 4 weeks and 2500 rubles. Expensive, but now my nails are healthy.

Anna, 34 years old.

I caught onychomycosis when I was engaged in water aerobics. I missed the initial stage, the inflammation from the thumb passed to the neighboring ones. A friend advised the drug Mikozan, which helped her get rid of nail fungus. I bought the product, it does not cost very much – 650 rubles. It is convenient to use the drug, from the point of view of comfort, I liked this remedy for the fungus.

However, the therapeutic effect is not very strong. Maybe this is because there is only one active component in the composition. In my opinion, chemicals are faster and more effective. Although they are more harmful, I do not argue. In favor of Mikozan, I want to say that he stops the fungus in a short time and accelerates plate regeneration.

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