Do “Acyclovir” pills help with warts?

Acyclovir tablets belong to the class of antiviral drugs prescribed in combination with other drugs for the treatment of human papillomavirus infection. HPV is considered one of the most common diseases of our time. Being in the body, the pathogen may not manifest itself for a long period of time, however, with a decrease in immunity, the virus goes into the active phase and the epithelial cover changes. With the timely detection of the disease, the drug is able to prevent the formation of new growths.

General information on antiviral drugs

It is not possible to remove papillomas or condylomas that have already formed with the help of tablets alone. In this case, only surgery or hardware intervention helps. The appointment of antiviral and immunostimulating drugs is aimed at increasing the protective forces of the patient's body and reducing the concentration of the virus in the blood. Without the use of pharmaceuticals, warts can reappear on the body or mucous membranes and cause a relapse of the disease. Despite the wide selection of drugs in injectable, cream or gel forms, tablet preparations are preferred. The advantages of such drugs include ease of dosage, the ability to give to children, as well as home use.Protecting the body from the virus


If there is a risk of degeneration of the neoplasm into a malignant tumor, drug therapy should be combined with a deeper treatment.

Acyclovir Properties

Acyclovir is a powerful antiviral substance, first discovered in 1981. Its effect is the synthesis of defective DNA, which prevents the division of viral elements. In addition, healthy cells are protected from the effects of the pathogen. The drug has been successfully used to treat herpes infections, and it is impossible to say for sure whether Acyclovir tablets help with warts. According to the instructions, there are such indications for taking the drug:

  • Common herpes virus;
  • Shingles;
  • Chicken pox.

The doctor may prescribe a combination therapy based on acyclovir in the event of the development of HPV on the background of genital herpes, since the formation of genital warts or warts is often accompanied by other genital infections.

The tablet form is taken in the absence of the effect of using an ointment or cream. In severe forms of the course of HPV infection, treatment is carried out simultaneously with external drugs and drugs for oral administration.

Features of the dosage form

The package contains 20 tablets with a dosage of 200 mg or 400 mg. Depending on the concentration of acyclovir, the average price varies between 60-180 rubles. The medicine is prescribed even for children, however, the recommended age is after 1 year. In case of rashes on the child's body, the use of ointment and tablets is combined.

To achieve the effect in adult patients, the daily dose of Acyclovir is 5 tablets in a dosage of 200 mg. The regimen is agreed with the attending physician. Therapy lasts 5 days, since prolonged use of the drug can cause addiction to the body and the absence of an end result.Tablets

Sometimes taking "Acyclovir" tablets causes an adverse reaction, which is expressed in attacks of nausea, upset stool, and abdominal pain. Existing kidney problems contribute to the manifestation of such side effects: hallucinations, dizziness, decreased attention span. Some patients report shortness of breath, increased fatigue and exhaustion.


Lily, 37 years old:

Last winter, I got a bad cold. Papillomas began to appear on my hands and face, which I associated with a weakened immune system. First I applied an antiviral ointment. At the pharmacy, I was advised to additionally take the Acyclovir tablets to enhance the action from the inside. I bought the medicine without consulting a doctor, because I heard that the active substance of the drug helps to get rid of growths, invading the affected cell and blocking the virus. I can’t say that the remedy was effective. In my opinion, papillomas may have decreased, but not completely disappeared. Moreover, the drug is primarily intended for the treatment of herpes.

Margot, 27 years old:

In late pregnancy, I was diagnosed with HPV, and the gynecologist prescribed Acyclovir tablets. Before buying any drug, I try to first collect the maximum information about its properties and indications for use. I found that for pregnant women, the medicine is unsafe and should be taken with caution. Additionally, during treatment with “Acyclovir” there is a possibility of many side effects. As a result, it was decided not to take the pills. At the consultation with another doctor, I received an answer that the drug alone can not cure papillomavirus and remove warts from the skin.

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