Condylomas in the mouth, tongue and lips: treatment and removal

According to statistics, more than 50% of people are carriers of the human papillomavirus, when activated, characteristic growths called condylomas begin to appear on the mucous membranes and on the skin, causing many uncomfortable sensations. Warts usually affect the genital area, but also sometimes occur in the oral cavity, on the tongue, lips and even on the gums. To eliminate them, antiviral therapy is prescribed, as well as the removal or cauterization of genital warts with one of the most suitable methods.

Condylomas are benign neoplasms that appear on the skin and mucous membranes under the influence of HPV. The occurrence of genital warts in the oral cavity is a rather rare occurrence, but nevertheless, such cases occur in medicine.

Such a problem should be taken very seriously, since condylomas in the mouth indicate not only infection with papillomavirus, but also a significant decrease in the body's defenses. Therefore, if symptoms of condylomatosis appear, you should seek medical help and undergo appropriate treatment, and if necessary, remove the growths using one of the methods chosen by your doctor.

Types of neoplasms

Flat or pointed warts usually appear in the oral cavity. Flat condylomas, as a rule, do not protrude much above the surface of the mucosa and have a round shape. Their color differs against the general background by a brighter shade, so flat neoplasms are clearly visible.Neoplasm in the language

As for genital warts, they are single nodules or multiple growths similar to cauliflower.


Broad condylomas can also occur in the tongue and other parts of the oral cavity, but they have nothing to do with the human papilloma virus. The reason for their formation is the development of secondary syphilis.

Where are the growths localized

Genital warts can form in any area in the mouth, but most often they can be seen in the following places:

  • In the tongue, at the base of the tongue at the side or at the root, under the tongue;
  • On the gums;
  • On the inside of the cheeks;
  • In the hard sky

The growths also appear on the lips, but this happens very rarely.

Symptoms of condylomatosis in the mouth

The papilloma virus is a very insidious disease, since it can not make itself felt for a long time, its incubation period is from several weeks to several months, and even years. It all depends on the state of the immune system, and when it fails, characteristic growths begin to form on the mucous membranes and on the surface of the epidermis. This whole process is very fast and painful.

Signs of genital warts in the mouth:

  1. Multiple or single small elements under the tongue and on the tongue, in particular on the sides, on the gums, in the hard palate. The height of the genital neoplasms can reach several millimeters, their color at the base is pale pink, and the apex is white.
  2. On the inner side of the cheeks, flat condylomas of bright red color are formed, causing edema of nearby tissues.

Do not confuse the so-called fringed folds located on the mucous membrane of the tongue and condylomas, as many people have outgrowths on these folds. But they, as a rule, are not associated with the human papillomavirus, and do not cause any unpleasant sensations. But if these formations are modified, then you should consult a doctor.

It is very difficult to diagnose condylomas on the gums, as they can be located in visually inaccessible places. In most cases, they are accidentally discovered during a visit to the dentist. Treatment of genital warts on the gums is the same as with growths in the tongue, in the sky, etc.Condylomas in the mouth

Wart growths in the oral cavity cause a lot of inconvenience to the patient, interfere with normal food intake, are injured, bleed, and sometimes cause pain even when the person is talking.

Due to frequent trauma to genital warts, there is an increase in their number and growth rate, as well as the attachment of a bacterial infection, an inflammatory process. All this together leads to a worsening of the patient's condition and to the spread of genital warts. They can appear in the larynx and pharynx, causing the risk of respiratory failure. In this case, discomfort occurs during swallowing, an unreasonable unproductive cough appears, and the voice becomes hoarse.

Infection pathways

Condylomatosis is a very contagious disease. There is a risk of infection with kisses, when using the same dishes and appliances with the patient. But the most likely route of transmission of the disease is vaginal or oral sex.

Children become infected by an infected mother during labor. For this reason, women with papillomavirus are shown to have a cesarean section.

Which doctor to contact

If warts are found under the tongue, on the tongue and in other parts of the oral cavity, you should consult a doctor. An otolaryngologist, dentist, dermatovenerologist can help with this problem, depending on where genital warts are located. You can also contact an oncologist, since the considered growths are related to benign neoplasms.

How to treat condylomas in the mouth

It is equally important to strengthen the immune system so that the body copes with all infections on its own. People with strong immunity can only be carriers of HPV, but they do not suffer from the disease itself.


Genital and flat condylomas in the oral cavity are a symptom of the human papillomavirus, and for effective treatment it is necessary, first of all, to take measures to reduce its activity. Removal of neoplasms without antiviral therapy will not solve the problem.

An approximate treatment regimen for condylomatosis:

  • Taking antiviral drugs;
  • Complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity by the dentist, treatment of caries, elimination of inflammatory processes, tartar, plaque;
  • The use of antiviral ointments and gels, thorough oral hygiene, the use of antiseptic rinses;
  • Reception of immunomodulating drugs, as well as the use of various methods to strengthen immunity;
  • Reception of vitamin complexes;
  • Removal of growths using a laser, radio wave surgery or cryodestruction.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of genital warts in the mouth is very important, and in addition to drug treatment, it is recommended to adjust your lifestyle, get rid of all bad habits and exclude accidental connections. It is important to follow the basic principles of a healthy diet, and during an exacerbation of the disease, do not eat too hot or cold foods, as well as salty, spicy foods, which can be irritating to the mucous membrane.

Medications for oral administration

The most effective antiviral medications used to treat genital warts:

  • Acyclovir tablets;


  • Isoprinosine tablets;
  • Solution for intravenous administration of Panavir;
  • Alpizarin tablets.

As immunomodulators, drugs such as Lycopid, Isoprinosine can be prescribed.

Preparations for local treatment of genital warts

In pharmacies, a wide selection of various chemicals with a chemical composition intended for local application to warts is provided, which entails the destruction of these formations.

Effective solutions for genital warts:

  • Cryopharma;
  • Verrucacid;
  • Podophylline;
  • Lapis pencil, etc.

Any medication can be used exclusively as directed by the attending physician. You can’t decide on the use of this or that medicine on your own so that there are no additional health problems. After all, all these solutions are caustic and, if accidentally contacted with healthy tissues, can cause burns.

Methods for removing tumors in the mouth

In almost all cases of condylomatosis, there is a need to remove growths. The most commonly used method is the radio wave method, which involves the least trauma to the mucous membrane and skin. Also, in many patients, condylomas are removed using a laser, cryodestruction (exposure to liquid nitrogen), less often in the usual surgical way.

Removal of growths in the mouth

In no case should you try to independently remove condylomas on the lips, on the tongue or in other places of the oral cavity, such a procedure should be performed by a doctor in a hospital setting.


Genital warts in the tongue, in the sky, on the lips, you can try to cure at home with the help of alternative medicine. To do this, use the following tips:

  • Rub warts with garlic juice or apply chopped garlic cloves to sore spots. You should be prepared for the unpleasant odor and taste of this product.
  • You need to regularly lubricate condylomas with egg white, this method is suitable for single growths that have appeared recently.
  • Apply castor oil to the affected areas.
  • Pour the green peel of walnuts with alcohol, store in a dark place for two weeks, then use to treat warts. When using the product, be careful and make sure that it does not fall on healthy areas in the mouth.
  • To do daily rinses from a decoction of chamomile, string, sage, such measures will help prevent the development of the inflammatory process.

The use of any alternative methods for the treatment of genital warts should be agreed with the attending physician.

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