Celandine – a sure remedy for herpes!

It is unlikely that there will be a person who can boast that he has never encountered warts in himself or his relatives. The formation of unaesthetic growths does not depend on the age or gender of the person. It is caused by the papillomavius, which infected about 90% of the world's inhabitants.

A wart is the common name for growths of a benign nature and viral etymology. Usually this is a spherical-shaped seal with a scaly upper layer, under which dark specks of thrombose capillaries are visible.

Causes of occurrence

The reason for the appearance of plantar and other types of warts is due to the penetration of HPV into the bloodstream through microtrauma of the epithelium. Papillomavirus is highly contagious and is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person through direct contact or the use of common hygiene items, shoes, and dishes.Shypitsa on the heel

The incubation period of the disease depends on the level of the body's defenses. The higher the immunity, the longer the body can restrain HPV in an inactive state. The activation of papillomavirus, its introduction into the DNA of epithelial cells, leading to the appearance of growths, is facilitated by:

  • Acute respiratory infections;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Physical overwork, stress, insomnia;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Long-term use of steroid or antibacterial agents;
  • Chemotherapy.

Treatment methods

Many are interested in the question, is it worth going to the doctor or will the tongue go away by itself? It is worth noting that a shipiga or plantar wart is the most painful of all neoplasms caused by HPV. The consequence of an untreated growth – its growth in depth, compresses the nerve endings, causing pain when walking.

Modern medical centers offer such methods of dealing with growths on the foot:

  • Laser destruction – evaporation of neoplasm tissue layer by layer;
  • Cryodestruction – freezing of the growth at the cellular level with liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation – burning a wart with a high-frequency current;
  • Radio wave removal is a non-contact way to get rid of growths;
  • Surgical excision;
  • Drug treatment, involving the use of pharmacy formulations with necrotizing – Verrukatsid, exfoliating – Solkoderm, cryodestructive – Varner Cryo – properties.

For those who do not trust in the hardware and drug methods of removing fennel, traditional healers offer to use medicinal plants, the effectiveness of which has been proven for years of successful use.


Before starting any procedures for the removal of fenix, you should consult a doctor to clarify the diagnosis. This will prevent the risk of skipping the process of malignancy – the transformation of the neoplasm into an oncological tumor.


You can get a shipigu with the help of grass, which grows right under your feet. The poisonous properties of celandine are traditionally taken by healers. Mountain celandine helps to cure not only plantar neoplasms, but also successfully fights dermatitis, urticaria, and skin eczema. This is due to its twenty varieties of toxic compounds.

The second popular name for celandine is the warthog, the plant received for its high effectiveness in the treatment of fizzles and other growths on the legs.

Celandine benefits over other treatments

The main advantage of celandine therapy is its painlessness. You will not feel any discomfort in the form of burning, itching or pain during home treatment.Celandine juice

The natural method of treatment is many times less toxic, and, therefore, the risk of allergic reactions is also reduced.

Availability of celandine therapy. During the flowering period (from early May to late June), you can use the juice squeezed from the stem of a freshly picked plant. In this case, the removal of growths will be an absolutely free event.

Cons of celandine therapy

Along with the obvious advantages, there are also disadvantages of treating celandine flesh. Firstly, this is a limited application time. Only celandine collected during flowering has its cauterizing properties.

Many city dwellers prefer to purchase finished drugs in the pharmacy network. However, the consistency of such solutions is much higher, and failure to follow the manufacturer's detailed instructions can cause pain or burns to the skin.


Do not confuse Mountain celandine tincture containing herb extract with Superchistotel. The producer of Super Chistotel from Spitz does not use a medicinal plant extract as its base active ingredient, but sodium and potassium alkali.

The duration of therapy, patience during the healing period of the wound in order to avoid scarring of the tissues at the site of the removed neoplasm also discourage the desire in some patients to burn the fennel with celandine.

How does it work

Natural celandine juice, which contains twenty aggressive toxic substances, has not only cauterizing, but also antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. These components destroy HPV cells and wart tissue.

Recipes for the treatment of shipitsel celandine

To burn the plantar wart, you can use the juice of the plant squeezed out of a plucked stem, or you can prepare an ointment based on this medicinal plant.

Fresh celandine juice

To get the most juice, cut the grass to the very root. For one manipulation, you need three to four drops of fresh celandine juice. They treat the tongue three times a day until it disappears completely. This usually takes two to three weeks. If everything is done correctly, the neoplasm will first darken, then it will dry out and fall off. The disadvantage of this recipe is the limited time of its use. Self-made glycerin cream will help remove the growth in autumn or winter.

Glycerin cream with celandine

By mixing the juice from fresh celandine with glycerin, petroleum jelly or perfume-free baby cream, you can get an ointment from warts. It is perfectly stored in the refrigerator. Having prepared it for the future, you can use it as needed.Cream with celandine

A celandine ointment is applied to the steamed skin with a thin layer, from above the affected area is wrapped with cling film and fixed with a toe. A blackened growth is a sign of the effectiveness of the treatment. The duration of excretion is, as with fresh juice therapy, from two to three weeks.

Security measures

According to patients who used the celandine firing method, the effect of such treatment is no worse than that of modern hardware procedures. However, precautions should be observed:

  1. Protect your hands from burns with latex gloves while making juice;
  2. Do not treat more than four growths at the same time, this can cause intoxication of the body;
  3. Test a small serving of juice or cream on your wrist or elbow. This will protect you from an allergic reaction.

Observance of these simple recommendations will help to make celandine treatment of shipitsa absolutely painless and protect you from the adverse effects in the form of burns to healthy skin.

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