Castor oil from papillomas, tea tree, caraway seeds, arborvitae

It is simply impossible to insure against the appearance of papillomas on the body. They are small growths on the skin, the shape of which can be very diverse. The color of the papilloma can also vary, starting from shades of healthy skin, and ending with brown or pink.

To combat such growths, you can use many different methods, including all kinds of folk methods. In particular, essential oils are very popular remedies for papillomas. With the help of such funds, you can get a positive result quickly and without unnecessary financial costs.

What is papilloma?

In medicine, papilloma is a benign tumor caused by HPV. The latter can pass between different people in the process of intimate and / or household contact, and from mother to baby in the process of childbirth. Usually the immune system independently cope with the virus, so it disappears from our body very quickly, without having time to manifest itself in any way. Papilloma on the eyelid

But sometimes the protective functions of the body weaken, which leads to unpleasant consequences, such as the growth of papillomas. The latter can greatly increase, which is why a person often experiences discomfort in everyday life.

Castor Oil Features

This tool has been used for many years, and in the field of cosmetology it has become incredibly popular. Castor oil is an excellent choice when you need to get rid of fine wrinkles, strengthen and make silky hair, and soften the skin.
But more importantly, castor oil can be used to treat papillomas. In terms of prevalence in folk medicine of different countries, it has practically no equal, which is explained by the properties of this type of oil.

Very interesting is the method of obtaining funds. Castor oil is extracted from castor oil bean plant, which in itself is a poisonous plant. Thanks to the extraction and subsequent steam treatment, all hazardous substances are destroyed.
Today, you can buy castor oil to get rid of papillomas or other growths on your own at any pharmacy.

The consistency of this tool is similar to refined sunflower oil, but there are three differences in it:

  1. Increased viscosity.
  2. Characteristic smell.
  3. Bad taste.

According to patients who have used castor oil, this remedy copes with its task. At the same time, castor can not only remove papillomas, but also accelerate tissue regeneration. Due to its positive property, this oil is often used to heal wounds and smooth out scars (including papillomas remaining after damage).

This positive effect of the drug is provided by its composition:

  • Ricinoleic (ricinic) acid. One of the most important components of the drug, responsible for the painkiller and antibacterial effect.
  • Oleic acid. Needed for normal metabolism.
  • Linoleic acid. It has a positive effect on cell membranes and accelerates healing processes.

The benefits of castor oil are provided by these three acids. After applying the product, all its components penetrate the upper layers of the skin, where their effect is enhanced. As a result, the protective function of the body and skin increases. Castor oil

In other words, to combat the virus, the skin uses its own resources obtained from castor oil.

How to apply castor oil from warts and papillomas?

It is important to understand, although the treatment with papillomas with castor oil is quite fast, as is the case with other essential oils presented in this article, but it is not lightning fast. Depending on your current condition and the degree of development of the disease, the fight against growths can take from a few days to a couple of weeks or even a month.

According to some reviews, castor oil has been helping for a week now, and there is no relapse after such treatment. If the skin is affected too much, then the duration of the procedures will be longer.

There are two ways to treat castor oil with papillomas:

  1. It is necessary to very gently rub the oil into the affected area for 5 minutes. During the day, this procedure is carried out from 3 to 6 times, and the total duration of treatment can reach 1-1.5 months. Stop the procedure after the complete disappearance of papillomas.
  2. It is necessary to drip castor oil on the papilloma, and then stick on top of the adhesive plaster. The procedure must be performed twice a day. According to patient reviews, within a week it will disappear. Despite the speed of this method, it is associated with some inconvenience, because you need to precisely process all the papillomas.

When performing all procedures, it is important to exercise maximum caution. If you accidentally damage the papilloma, then this can lead to inflammation and the spread of the virus to healthy areas of the skin.

Before treatment with castor oil, each infected area should be washed well with warm water. So the skin will become more susceptible to the drug due to the expansion of pores and removal of dirt, which often interferes with the penetration of the drug inside and the virus.

When removing papillomas at home using castor oil, it is not necessary to use a patch. If you don’t have one, then as an alternative, use a bandage with fleece attached for each papilloma. In this case, it is only important to observe sterility conditions.


Rubbing with dirty hands, using unclean dressings, and even ignoring personal hygiene requirements can significantly worsen things. And this, in turn, is fraught with the development of other diseases, including cancer.

Using Tea Tree Oil For Ailment

There are a lot of essential oils today, and many of them are suitable for the treatment of HPV manifestations. In addition to castor, in folk medicine, as an effective remedy for papillomas, tea tree oil is also very popular. This tree is scientifically called melaleuka and is a relative of eucalyptus. The rarity makes the tea tree even more valuable, because it grows exclusively in Australia.

The range of properties of tea tree oil is very extensive:

  • effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent;
  • an excellent immunostimulant with a painkiller;
  • suppression of HPV and a significant reduction in the risk of developing cancer (both caused by papillomas and other factors);
  • improvement of the brain and nervous system;
  • positive effects on the health of hair and skin;
  • a decrease in body temperature when normal values ​​are exceeded;
  • rapid elimination of swelling, treatment of burns and so on.

Tea tree oil

For this reason, patients often choose tea tree oil to remove papillomas. This tool is completely harmless, and contains about 50 organic components that are extremely beneficial for health. However, some compounds are found only in the composition of this essential oil, and it is simply impossible to find them anywhere else in nature.

How does tea tree oil affect papillomas?

From papillomas, this essential oil is used only externally. This option of its use provides an excellent effect, destroying papillomas and healing wounds. Along with this, tea tree oil removes viral infection, which does not allow HPV to spread further and damage healthy areas of the skin.

It is also necessary to remember that tea tree oil, from papillomas, can be used only on the skin. For any mucous membranes, this remedy is not suitable, and you need to ask your doctor to prescribe another drug with a dosage form in the form of tablets or suppositories (if papillomas have formed in the vagina or near the anus).

Is it possible to get rid of warts using thuja oil?

Thuja is really a unique tree that has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat all sorts of ailments. The human papillomavirus is no exception, and the essential oil from this conifer helps to eliminate it. The positive effect of this remedy for papillomas has been repeatedly proven by reputable clinics around the world.

Thuja oil with papillomas has shown very good effectiveness. The conifer itself is characterized by increased phytoncidity, which is necessary to suppress the growth of microorganisms and viruses. At the same time, thuja wood contains a mass of useful substances that are transmitted to the oil during processing.

Among the most important components of the drug, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Zedrol.
  2. Resin.
  3. Tuyon.
  4. Tannins.
  5. Fidren and so on.

This oil was used in the treatment of many diseases, and in all cases it showed excellent results. It should also be used externally, although in some cases it is allowed to prepare tinctures for consumption inside. But it is best to locally apply thuja oil on warts, papillomas and polyps on the skin.Tui Oil

Other popular types of essential oils

You can get rid of papillomas with other types of oils. Popular are products made from wormwood and black cumin. You can choose them if you are allergic to certain components of the above funds, or if you cannot purchase tuyuyu or castor oil in the nearest pharmacies.

  • Wormwood is an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of many diseases. With its help, you can easily remove the symptoms and manifestations of many ailments, including HPV. Wormwood oil has antiseptic, antiviral and disinfectant properties. With its use, affected areas of the skin (scratches, cuts, bruises and so on) are disinfected and heal faster.
  • Black cumin oil is an excellent option for effective treatment of papillomas with minimal time costs. According to doctors, this method of eliminating growths on the skin is one of the most effective. Folk Oriental medicine constantly uses black cumin essential oil, which is a powerful medicine for external use.

Nevertheless, you must first visit a doctor who will tell you whether such a tool can be used in your case, and how to use it in the treatment of papillomas. This oil does not cause an allergy, and it even allows you to get rid of existing ones. But depending on the nature of the disease and the presence of concomitant diseases, cumin oil may be contraindicated to you.

Also, pharmacies today offer linseed, camphor and other popular oils, and traditional medicine offers treatment with lemon juice, garlic, potatoes and other food products. Depending on the HPV strain, its degree of development and severity on the skin, as well as some other nuances, all these methods can in fact have a positive effect. However, to be sure of the effectiveness of your chosen method of treatment, you should first contact your doctor for advice.

Does castor and other types of oils always help?

Tuevaya, caraway, tea, linseed and castor oils for papillomas, according to patients, are very effective and simple ways to combat neoplasms. However, no doctor can guarantee you that such a tool will help in 100% of cases. Much also depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the presence of chronic diseases, the state of immunity, bad habits and other factors that are characteristic of each patient individually.Papilloma oil treatment

In some people, castor oil and other oils cause allergic reactions, so you have to use creams, tablets and suppositories. Other patients are faced with a large number of HPV genotypes, which makes treatment extremely difficult. If after a few weeks or a month you did not notice any result, then you should definitely seek help from a doctor. Modern medicine offers many ways to remove warts and papillomas:

  1. Exposure to nitrogen and electricity.
  2. The use of special chemical solutions.
  3. Traditional surgical removal with a scalpel.
  4. The use of radio waves to safely eliminate growths without residual marks on the skin.

There are a huge number of options, and you just need to choose the right one for your case. It is only important not to hesitate to visit the doctor, because there are many cases where a benign growth on the body led to the development of malignant tumors. Often this process is significantly accelerated under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, and therefore, with any neoplasms on the body, you should abandon the solarium and be less exposed to the sun.

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