Can a wart pass by itself?

The appearance of warts on the body, face or limbs is always unpleasant. Many cannot feel normal, being the owner of such growths, because every year clinics receive thousands of patients who want to remove neoplasms, having got rid of them forever. Nevertheless, there are cases when warts disappear on their own, and if for some this is an occasion to rejoice, then for others – to think about it. So why can warts disappear on their own and why is this happening?

Reasons for the disappearance of warts

Experts say that a wart can disappear for several reasons. This is normal practice and very rarely such changes are associated with any serious disorders in the body, often quite the opposite – this is a direct indication that he began to recover.Warts disappeared without a trace

This may be caused by:

  • Medical practice shows that ordinary and flat warts are prone to self-destruction, and this happens in the two-year period after their appearance;
  • Growths can pass, due to age-related characteristics of the body. During the ripening period, an unstable immune system malfunctions and benign neoplasms appear on the skin. But when everything comes back to normal, they tend to disappear;
  • If the education has passed in an older person, then this may indicate the restoration of the body's defenses;
  • It is also noted that resistance to some types of growths in the immune system develops, and it contributes to their disappearance.

This is the main list of reasons why a wart on the skin may disappear. It is noted that about 40% of such outgrowths can self-destruct over time, but this is not a reason to relax, since the human papilloma virus itself, which is the cause of their appearance, still remains in the body and as soon as the opportunity arises, it will certainly manifest itself in the form of growths again.

How to increase the likelihood of their disappearance

The reason itself, because of which the neoplasms themselves go, is established – this is an increase in the body's defenses. That is why, you can not wait until the immune system itself cope with the manifestations of HPV, and help her in this.

For this, it is necessary to observe a number of recommendations of specialists:

  • You can not run chronic diseases and severe infectious diseases that severely affect immunity;
  • Be sure to visit doctors with established intervals who can diagnose diseases of the intestines, stomach, genitals, teeth;
  • Try to observe the daily regimen, healthy diet and sleep;
  • It is advisable to play sports;
  • Avoid frequent or constant stressful situations;
  • Follow personal hygiene;
  • Avoid casual sexual partners;
  • Direct contact with carriers of warts should be limited, or at least wash hands after a handshake;
  • It should be limited only to personal hygiene products.

After some aspects of life are reviewed, it is entirely possible that warts can go away on their own and no longer appear in the future. But what to do if this did not happen? In such cases, you can pay attention to the options that doctors offer – a full-fledged therapy, using not only medications, but also surgery. Only such a serious approach will help get rid of unpleasant formations on the skin.

Drug treatment

First of all, we note that in order for the wart to disappear itself, without directly removing it, specialists use immunomodulating and antiviral drugs. But often, such treatment can be delayed, since a weakened body recovers for a long time. Because of this, patients themselves agree to more radical measures – drug treatment by using drugs that destroy the structure of the wart.

Of these, the most commonly used are:

  • Salipod. This drug is available in the form of a patch, the base of which consists of salicylic acid – it is it that destroys the growth;
  • Ferezol. Thanks to this tool, which burns neoplasms, the wart, depending on the size, can pass after a few cauterizations;
  • Duofilm. Another cauterization option that uses two acids: lactic and salicylic;
  • Collomac. The composition of the drug contains acids, as well as bactericidal substances. Provided that it is applied to the growth several times a day, the treatment process will take a very short period of time.

Wart patch

There are also remedies that cauterize warts:

  • Solcoderm. This is a special solution that has as many as four acids in the composition;
  • Vartek. This option is available in cream format;
  • Kondilayn. Another solution that at the same time prevents inflammation.

The well-known "Superchistotel", the freezing preparations "Wartner Cryo" and "Cryopharma" can be attributed to the same pharmacy products.


Any of the above funds will not be able to guarantee that in the future the growth will not appear again, because many are immediately sent to doctors in order to remove neoplasms operatively.

Removing Warts Using Surgery

In this case, you can consider several different ways, depending on which method is best suited for the patient:

  • Laser removal;
  • Excision with a radio wave knife;
  • Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Removal of growth with a scalpel (very rarely used).

As mentioned earlier, in addition to all this, drugs are prescribed that increase immunity and actively inhibit the virus. The patient himself determines initially which method to combat warts is determined by himself, but it’s definitely not worth waiting for such skin formations to pass by yourself, for this you need to at least try to increase your immunity.

Additional recommendations

Anyone who is undergoing treatment, or is at the recovery stage, should adhere to recommendations that will help in the future to no longer encounter such a problem as warts, namely:

  • In order to prevent an increase in the number of growths on the skin, it is necessary to treat the area around the tumor with antiviral ointments;
  • It is necessary to take as a rule the intake of vitamin complexes;
  • If you take the treatment seriously, to be sure that the wart will surely pass and the disease does not recur, it is better not to self-medicate at all;
  • It is absolutely unacceptable to remove outgrowths with improvised means – this is a huge harm to oneself.

In cases where the wart has passed by itself, you need to try to maintain immunity at a high level, which will help get rid of all other neoplasms on the skin, if any, and prevent their occurrence in the future. If the growths do not go away on their own, then this is possible, only an option for medical or surgical removal, but it is immediately worth noting that the treatment will be difficult and may take a sufficiently long period of time.

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