Big papilloma. How to remove at home?

The formation of papillomas on the skin is always unpleasant, and even worse when the growths are large. It is only necessary to deal with such neoplasms with the help of professional doctors, since enlarged papillomas are a direct sign that the body’s immune system can’t cope with the virus at all and the removal of the growth cannot be avoided.

About how exactly you need to remove large papillomas, and what additional therapy to take, we will go further.

Some facts about HPV

To know how and why growths occur on the skin, you should familiarize yourself with some of the features of the human papillomavirus in more detail, namely:

  • You can get infected by contact, moreover, not only sexually, but also with the usual household relationship with the carrier;
  • The virus is easier to pick up for those who have cracks, scratches, and irritations on their skin;
  • The lion's share of infections occurs already in childhood;
  • HPV does not manifest itself immediately. This is possible only in those cases if the body is weakened by some disease, due to which immunity falls, or in the case of an incorrect lifestyle;
  • Modern medicine does not yet know how to completely eradicate the virus from the body forever.

Large papilloma

As for papillomas, which are large in size, these are formations that occurred at the time of the maximum decline in the body's defenses, or in the case of damage to a small growth, which caused a sharp division of cells. But you should not think that if the outgrowth has increased dramatically, it means that it has begun to reborn.

Situations are different, because if such a papilloma appeared, then you just need to go to the doctor who will do all the necessary examinations.


Depending on what part of the body the neoplasm is located on, whether there are still growths next to it, and how it all looks, the doctor prescribes various procedures for a detailed study and diagnosis of the formation.

At the moment, the following methods of studying papillomas are most often practiced:

  • PCR In this case, the type of virus is examined, its amount in the cells, as well as the malignancy of the outgrowth;
  • Histological examination;
  • Cytological examination;
  • Visual inspection

In addition, even when the growths are removed, 60 days after the operation, you need to undergo an examination again to make sure that the treatment is good and of high quality.

Only after a comprehensive study can the neoplasms be removed, but there is one condition – after the removal of the papilloma has passed, further treatment with antiviral drugs and means to increase immunity is required, since the large size of the growth is due to its low level.

Removal of large papillomas

The difference between the processes of eliminating small and large papillomas is that specialists deal with the latter gradually, possibly in several sessions. To remove a large papilloma, a little more time is needed, and the method of removal is more carefully selected, since the so-called growth roots are embedded deeper into the skin and it is not so easy to get to them.

You can choose both a home way of getting rid, which is not recommended if there are large papillomas, or professional (consisting of 3 stages), which is carried out in the clinic. Both options are worth considering.

Removal at the clinic

Modern technologies in medicine can quickly get rid of even large growths. In this case, practically the same methods of their removal are used as in the situation with small ones, namely:

  • Radio wave surgery. This is one of the best methods, because thanks to it you can remove a very large papilloma, without damaging healthy tissues and not leaving scars after surgery;
  • Laser removal. It is also possible to burn a papilloma with a laser, but given its large size, it will take a sufficiently long period to restore the skin, taking care of the resulting wound;
  • Electrocoagulation. This method in this case is good due to the fact that the current allows you to "solder" the blood vessels that feed the growth avoiding bleeding;
  • Cryodestruction. In this case, this method cannot be considered the best, since it covers healthy tissues and damages blood vessels quite strongly, which ultimately leads to a long recovery after surgery.

Papilloma removal

In addition, sometimes chemical growth agents are used, although this method is not particularly welcome. Also, the doctor, so that the treatment can be considered finished, will necessarily prescribe immunomodulating agents and anti-virus drugs. Only after that it will be necessary to re-pass the examination and enjoy a healthy life.

Removal of large papillomas at home

To remove a large growth from the skin, you need to take care of both immunity and the formation itself. In this case, effective recipes of traditional medicine will help:

  • The leaves of lemon balm and horsetail, plantain, dandelion root and nettle are mixed in equal proportions. All this is crushed. We take 3 tablespoons of the resulting mixture of plants and fill them with water (800 ml), while the water should be clean and cold. We insist a little and drink 3 tablespoons twice a day;
  • Another mixture: 2g of boric acid, 2.5g of iodine, 100ml of alcohol and 3g of aspirin. We do not drink this mixture, but grease it with a papilloma;
  • You can clean the neoplasms at home with the help of garlic. Two cloves of garlic are chopped and added to the cream (preferably if it is for children). We apply the obtained ointment every day to the growth, keeping it there for several hours;
  • Using egg white, applying it to the location of the papilloma, you can get rid of it in 30 to 60 days, depending on size.

It is extremely important to understand that using these recipes, like any others, there is a likelihood of worsening the condition of large papillomas. The same applies to any pharmacy drugs, such as Cryopharm and Superchistotel. If you use them without a doctor’s prescription, you can only achieve a relapse of the disease, so it would be wiser to remove a large papilloma in the clinic.

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