Ammonia from papillomas. Popular recipes and reviews used

Since papillomas are one of the most common skin growths, almost all of their owners dream of getting rid of them. For this purpose, you can use the removal methods recommended by traditional medicine, or you can pay attention to folk remedies that have been tested by treatment lovers at home for years. For example, ammonia proved to be quite good against papillomas, because this is one of the most affordable pharmacy products. How effective is this tool and is it worth using at all? We will deal with this issue further.

Is it worth it to burn papillomas with ammonia?

Liquid ammonia is a common ammonia solution (about 10% of the substance in the composition). It does not affect viral diseases in any way, especially for the human papillomavirus, but this does not prevent him from fighting such neoplasms as papillomas. Is it worth using ammonia as the main remedy for growths of this type? There is no doubt about this, since for several years this drug has been actively involved in home medicine.Papilloma

The only thing that a patient using this method of removing papillomas should understand – the virus, as it was in the body, being in the active phase, will remain, therefore, one should not expect that papillomas will never appear again in the future. The main effect on the growth is drying, which ultimately leads to a change in its color and falling off. And in order to fight the virus itself, you need to take immunomodulating drugs and antiviral drugs in parallel, then the treatment can be considered complete.


The selection of drugs that stimulate the immune system and fight the virus should be done by a specialist, starting from the characteristics of the patient's body. It is also advisable to pass a series of tests before starting treatment.

Cauterization of papillomas with ammonia

You can use diluted ammonia from papillomas in almost one single form – applying it to the growth. It should be noted that ammonia burns the skin quite strongly, therefore, safety measures will need to be observed in therapy.

The treatment itself and the preliminary preparation look like this:

  • An adhesive plaster is taken (preferably medical). A hole is cut out in it, which will fully correspond to the diameter of the papilloma;
  • Glue the patch so that the papilloma is in the hole, and all nearby skin is protected. As an option, a baby fat cream is suitable, it is also able to protect the skin;
  • A cotton swab is taken and dipped in our product, after which it is pressed against the growth for 5 seconds;
  • The procedure is carried out once a day, up to the moment of darkening of the papilloma and its reduction in size;
  • When it has decreased – cauterization is completed. After this, you cannot tear off education on your own, you should wait for the moment when it itself disappears.

Using ammonia from papillomas

Under no circumstances should a neoplasm be wet at the moment when it has decreased and it should fall off, this can lead to the formation of a wound, which will be extremely vulnerable to infections. It is better to protect it from water, and when it falls away, this place should be greased with salicylic ointment. Liquid ammonia is a proven tool that, when used properly, can remove small and medium sized growths from the skin.

What can supplement the treatment?

Given that ammonia does not fight the virus itself and additional drugs are needed here, the question arises, what means can be used with ammonia, without going to a doctor?

In this case, the following pharmacy medicines are suitable:

  • Salicylic patch. Papilloma treated with alcohol can also be removed with a band-aid, which will speed up the process;
  • You can supplement your diet with vitamins;
  • To soothe the skin and actively fight the disease, an aloe vera-based spray can be used;
  • Celandine, in the form of pharmacy dried herbs for decoctions, may well become a good helper in this matter.

The same means as Viferon or Isoprinosine can be taken only with the permission of a doctor.

Reviews about this method

Reviews about the treatment of papillomas with ammonia on the network can be found in large numbers. The lion's share of them is positive. Most patients note that they managed to get rid of small growths within a week or a slightly longer period.

As for large papillomas, people claim that they encountered some problems, and only the prompt removal of growths helped them. From this we can conclude that this method of removing papillomas is suitable for those who have small neoplasms on the skin.


Sometimes you can cope with neoplasms on the skin in the simplest ways. The most important thing in this case is to observe personal hygiene, not to rush to tear off the shrunken papilloma and not to overdo it with the amount of applied funds to it. And yet, in order not to encounter problems during the treatment of human papillomavirus, the most reasonable step is to contact a specialist.

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